The Wonder of Dolphin Assisted Therapy
  CST Awareness Month

Many of you have heard me passionately talk about Dolphin Assisted CranioSacral Therapy from my experience with classes and Client Therapy Programs that incorporate the wondrous intuition and healing support of dolphins.  

I am excited to share with you the new streaming video  TOUCH, produced by the John E. Upledger Foundation, in honor of CranioSacral Therapy Awareness Month.  This video explores the legacy of Dr. John E. Upledger, who developed CranioSacral Therapy and founded the Upledger Institute International.   Dr. Upledger's legacy is revealed through the stories of clients and their families who benefit through Dolphin Assisted Client Therapy Programs to support their health and lives.  Enjoy!

Monica Aranguren, LMT, CST

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