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        October 2018

Marilyn Nelson, Communications Secretary

If you have called the church office and found it difficult to reach me at the front desk, you may reach me at extension 10, if I am away from my desk please leave a message and I WILL get back with you ASAP.

Due to the high volume of calls that comes into the office for Social Services and other ministries such as: King's Kids and DivorceCare these ministries are listed first on the message line. Listed below is a list of extensions. 

I apologize if you have found the message line challenging, but it has really made a difference in the amount of calls coming to the front desk that should be directed to these other ministries. 

I hope you know that I am here to assist you with any church related calls. I am blessed to be a part of Woodmont and look forward to talking with you.

Communication Secretary, (Front Desk) Extension 10
King's Kids Preschool Extension 11
Social Services (Food & Financial Assistance) Extension 12
DivorceCare Message line Extension 13
Hess's Headlines

Dear Church,

October is the celebration of one of my most favorite holidays.  It takes me back to a time when young men would dress in long costume-like robes, lived in grungy dungeon-like atmospheres, some were covered in scars and could appear frightful if encountered by outsiders.  Of course I'm talking about the monks and the celebration of Reformation Day which took place on October 31, 1517.  Now, 501 years later, we could often take for granted the great theological discovery (better: a re-discovery) that changed the modern world.  The doctrine that man is saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone brought about incredible freedom in Christ, freedom from works-based salvation, and planted us firmly on the foundation of Christ, the Solid Rock.  With this in mind, let's read Martin Luther in his own writing:

"The Holy Ghost has two offices.  First, he is a Spirit of grace, that makes God gracious unto us, and receive us as his acceptable children, for Christ's sake.  Secondly , he is a Spirit of prayer, that prays for us, and for the whole world, to the end that all evil may be turned from us, and that all good may happen to us.  The Spirit of grace teaches people; the Spirit of prayer prays. 

We do not separate the Holy Ghost from faith; neither do we teach that he is against faith; for he is the certainty itself in the world, that makes us sure and certain of the Word; so that, without all wavering or doubting, we certainly believe that it is even so and not otherwise than as God's Word says and is delivered unto us.  But the Holy Ghost is given to none without the Word. 

Mohammed, the pope, papists, Antinomians, and other sects, have no certainty at all, neither can they be sure of these things; for they depend not on God's Word, but on their own righteousness.  And they always stand in doubt and say: 'Who knows whether this which we have done be pleasing to God or not, or whether we have done works enough or not?'  They must continually think with themselves, we are still unworthy. 
But a true and godly Christian, between these two doubts, is sure and certain, and says: 'I neither look upon my holiness, nor upon my unworthiness, but I believe in Jesus Christ, who is both holy and worthy.  For my part, I am a poor sinner, and that I am sure of out of God's Word.  Therefore, the Holy Ghost only and alone is able to say: Jesus Christ is the Lord; the Holy Ghost teaches, preaches, and declares Christ.'  For we must first hear the Word, and then afterwards the Holy Ghost works in our hearts; he works in the hearts of whom he will, and how he will, but never without the Word."

Thompson's Text

Integrity By Example 

My father was one of the most Godly men I ever knew. He taught my sister and I through the simple things of life. I remember my sister told the story at dad's funeral of my dad and her going to get a newspaper one day out of a metal paper box dispenser. As they approached the box, a man had just purchased a paper and held the box open for them to take a free paper. Dad took the paper from the box and waited for the man to walk away. He then placed the change in the machine and opened and closed the door. My sister asked him why he did not take the free paper. He simply told her it was not the right thing to do. It left a permanent impression on my sister the rest of her life. 

That is Integrity by Example! That is what we are called to be about as followers of Christ. 2 Corinthians 8:21 " For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.

Under His grace,

Student Ministry

What does it mean to have fellowship with God? Often times when we hear the word fellowship, we think of having a meal together at the church. Fellowship has a much deeper  meaning than that. 

Fellowship with God= A deep relationship with Him
I want you to think about your best friend right now or the one you had growing up. When you have a close friendship with somebody it changes you. You care about that person. You would do anything for that person, they know your secrets, you love that person, and often times put that person's happiness above your own.
In 1 John 1:5-10, John shares with us how to know we have fellowship with God and what to do when we sin and cause that fellowship to have barriers (sin) in it.

1. How we are to live/ There is a change that takes place

Light- represents what is pure, good, true, holy, and reliable
Darkness- represents what is sinful & evil
To say that we are followers of Christ and then go out and live like the rest of the world is a lie, John says in verse 5-7
-The reason John writes this is because there was a lie being told, the same lie we here in our world today, that you could have fellowship with God and continue to walk in your old sinful ways and not be bothered by it.
               These two JD Greear quotes sum this up beautifully;
"You can't love God & love the things that grieve Him!"
"You can't have a mouth that sings praises to Jesus and live a life that openly crucifies Him"
It is not your mouth or what you say that best reflects your love for God, it is your life!
When you are saved everything about you begins to change!
#There will be a changed life, we will walk in the light
Now in verses 8-10 John says look, you are going to mess up, if you say that you have no sin then you are deceiving yourself. But, "if you will confess your sin, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins."

2. He says we are going to sin/ Tells us what we need to do about it

  1. A lot of the times the temptation is to try and hide sin or even justify it to ourselves
Stated belief+/- Actual practice= Actual Belief
Stated belief: Stealing is wrong.                                       
Actual practice: Copy a friends HW to avoid bad grade.  
Actual belief: Stealing is permissible under certain circumstances
SB: Lying is wrong
AP: Lied to my parents about where I was or what I was doing
AB: Lying is keep me out of trouble
SB: Foul language is wrong
AP: I curse when I get angry or in a game
AB: Foul language is only wrong around adults
#We say we believe what God's word says but then we try to justify sin in our life by not taking responsibility for our own actions

2. We hold on to the guilt & shame of the sin and we fear bringing it before the Lord because we are so ashamed that we keep messing up.

-Satan wants us to hold on to it and loves for us to feel ashamed, that we will want to stay distant from the Lord.

-He feeds us lies like, "God is tired of you messing up and tired of forgiving you."
-God is our father and He loves us more than we can imagine.

I have two small children at home that mess up daily and my wife and I have to correct them. A lot of times it is the same things we corrected the day before. Now I may get upset, but I've never said you know what...I'm done with've messed up way too much. No, I forgive them because I love them and want to see them do good.
If I'm good to my kids, how much more will our Heavenly Father love and forgive us.


-When we become believers our sins are forgiven: Past, present, and future
-We confess our sins because sin puts a barrier between our fellowship w/ God
-Sin needs to be dealt w/ as soon as it happens
-Confessing our sin shows honesty/humility and shows that we are sorry and recognize our weakness
-We never get to a point to where we are so strong in our faith that we no longer sin  (a lot of Christians are misled in thinking you get to this point)
-What happens is we get comfortable and no longer think we are in danger of falling into sin or think that the thing we once struggled with is no longer an issue.
-We need Jesus every second, minute, and hour of each day. If we try to go at it alone and isolate ourselves, or handle stuff on our own, then we are sure to fail.
#True confession means you commit to NOT continue in sin


Singles' Ministry

DivorceCare starts back up October 3rd. 
Class will meet in B-102 from 6:00 to 8:00.

All of us know people who are going through separation and divorce or dealing with unresolved issues from a recent divorce. Please let them know about this program. The Lord has used it to bring hope and healing to hundreds of people throughout our community over the past 24 years. Please contact Belinda Green for more info.

October 5th
Singles (and friends) Game Night
East Campus Big Room 5:30-8:30
Come and join the fun
Bring a finger food

October 13th
13th Annual Woodmont Golf Tournament 
For Missions at Blackberry Trail
Deadline to sign up to play is October 7th
To sign up to play or sponsor a hole contact
Tina Kitchens (256-394-0002) or Belinda Green (256-766-1255)

October 28th in Gym
Monthly Singles Covered Dish Lunch
Bring a casserole, veggie dish or dessert

Guatemala November 1-7
 Guatemala Mission Trip

The Singles Ministry is sponsoring our 5th international mission trip. It has been amazing to see how the Lord has
provided these opportunities over the past 10 years. We are grateful to so many of you who support our yearly golf tournament. It is our biggest fundraiser and has afforded many singles the opportunity to go on a mission trip. If you have ever been on one, then you know how life changing they can be.

Your prayers for all aspects of this trip are greatly appreciated. Please pray for God to be preparing our hearts as well as the hearts of the people in Guatemala as we go in November.


Family Life Ministry

The Family Life Team will be partnering with Women's Ministry and Children's Ministries to host a Shoebox Packing Party, Nativity to the Nations, on October 21st in the gym. This will be a church family event that will include packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child as well as enjoying good fellowship. There will also be special music and sweet refreshments for everyone.

The sleigh in the church foyer is set up for items being collected for these shoe boxes.

Operation Christmas Child
Help send gift-filled boxes to hurting and impoverished children  around the world, so they may know the love of Jesus.
  1. Join in the church wide packing party fun, Sunday, October 21 at 6:00 p.m.
  2. Pray for the packing party and the children who will receive the shoeboxes
  3. Donate school supplies, hygiene items and/or small gifts and toys by Sunday, October 14. Bring to WC lobby and place in sleigh. See suggested items, below.
  • Bars of mild soap, i.e. Ivory, Dove
  • Toothbrushes (NO toothpaste)
  • Deodorant (solid stick only, no liquid roll-ons, no aerosol cans)
  • Nail clippers or clipper sets
  • Combs / picks / hair brushes / hair accessories (bows/barrettes/bands)
  • Chap Stick / band aids
  • One-subject note books, 5x7 tablet pads, small note pads, index cards, journals
  • Thin Coloring books, crayons
  • Pencils, extra erasers, pencil pouches (pencil sharpeners are being furnished)
  • Ink pens, markers, colored pencils, solar calculators
  • Scissors / Art kits (no liquid paints) String backpacks are being furnished
  • A wow toy - dolls and stuffed animals (small to medium-sizes), deflated (size 5) soccer ball (include a short pump)
  • Other toys - puzzles, games (i.e., pick-up-sticks, jacks, checkers), cars, trucks, small balls, jump ropes, (no play money, camouflage, nor war toys)
  • Wearable gifts - Socks, tennis shoes, flip flops, underwear
  • Ideas for boys, ages 10-14 - metric tape measure, duct tape, cording/rope, small bungee cords, sm. hammer w/ nails, screw driver/screws, flashlight/extra batteries, work gloves (Many of these items are available at Dollar Tree)
  • Ideas for girls - flashlight/extra batteries, hair accessories, small purses, bracelets, necklaces, small sewing kits, small fabric piece
  • $9 per box is requested by Samaritan's Purse to help offset shipping and other charges. Make checks payable to Woodmont Baptist Church, and designate for "Operation Christmas Child." Drop in offering plate.

Children's Ministry 

 Again, thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement for me and for the children's department. We are excited about what the Lord is doing! October is going to be a busy month in the Children's department! We are excited about our 2 big events coming up on the 21st and 28th. Here is how I am praying for these events. I would love it if you would join me! 

  1. That people will bring in supplies.
  2. That our church will experience quality and intentional fellowship during this event.
  3. That the gospel will be shared clearly through the boxes created and donated.
  4. That children and families will be ready to hear and accept the truth of the Gospel as these gifts are given to them.
  5. That the leadership team for this event will have wisdom in how to best coordinate the details of this event.

  1. That people will feel lead to host a trunk.
  2. That people who host trunks will have smooth prep and planning, and that they will enjoy the event.
  3. That people will be drawn to the event, and drawn to the truth of the Gospel through the trunk displays, and the reflection of Jesus they see in His people at His house.
  4. That our leadership will have wisdom and vision to run this event in the most Christ-honoring way possible.
  5. That we as a church would have effective follow up for the people who come to the event.

Have a wonderful new month!

Men's Ministry 

55 and Older Join Us For These Upcoming Events...

We will have popcorn, cookies/brownies and drinks. Join us for Rook, Bridge, Orbit, or Mexican Dominoes. All are fun and easy to learn so do not think you will not be able to play! 

  • Watch bulletin for information on the next luncheon.
  • We had a group of 18 who went on Sept. 28 - 29, to Nashville to tour backstage at the Ryman Theatre on Friday and took a day long Train Trip on Saturday.
  • We have a group of 21 who will attend the Celebrators Conference, featuring David Jeremiah and George Bush, on Oct. 22 - 25.
  • We will pack Thanksgiving baskets in November with a meal afterwards. 
  • Our Christmas Trip will be a one day trip. 

We have fun and fellowship and visit interesting places. We would enjoy having you join us, so check out the bulletin and don't miss the next trip or activity.

Frances Moore
New Members

Jessica Young, Watchcare
Christian & Tiffany Walker, Baptism

David & Amanda Steele, Letter
Jim & Ann Blankinship, Letter

Alana Cheek, Statement

Our Mission
Woodmont Baptist Church's


 "To do the Lord's will through prayer, worship, discipleship, service, missions

and evangelism - In His name, by His spirit and for His glory." 

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