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        September 2018

I can't believe it has been 5 years since I began working at Woodmont.  Since that time I have gained a new daughter-in-law and 3 precious grand babies. What a wonderful gift from the Lord. 

I started out working part time 3 days a week as the Communications / Education Secretary. Last year I went full time and combined my job as Communications/ Education with the Receptionist position. It was quite an adjustment from working upstairs in the peace and quiet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to working at the front desk full time.

Thanks to Brother Steve and the Personnel committee for getting Sissy Carpenter and Debra Courtney to assist me. Without them I couldn't make it. 
  • Sissy Carpenter covers for me one afternoon a week so I can go back to my office upstairs to focus on projects that needs my undivided attention, like designing the new website....coming soon.
  • I am also grateful to Debra Courtney who covers for me when I need a day off.  That was one of my concerns when I came downstairs to work full time, I was thinking,  "how am I going to be able to have time off to spend with my family."  So I am blessed to have Debra and Sissy on my side. 
 I am so blessed to work with the staff at Woodmont, they are not only co-workers, but friends.  Carla, Joyce and I have become close friends and help each other out at work and in life. I truly love each one of the staff that I have the privilege of working with. 

Thank you all for 5 wonderful years.  I am grateful to the Lord for bringing me to Woodmont. I know this is the ministry the Lord has given to me at this time. I love the people of Woodmont and feel like part of the family. I am truly blessed to  be a small part of the work the Lord is doing at Woodmont.  May the Lord continue to bless Woodmont and may Woodmont bring Glory and Honor to the Lord. 

Hess's Headlines

Dear Church,

I love this time of year. While we celebrate new beginnings in January, this time of year also has that feeling of new beginnings and new energy. The weather is changing, students are back in school, and football is back! Speaking of football, here are some verses connected to some favorite teams in the area.

Alabama Fans:
2 and 26

Last year's national championship game was a roller coaster. If you are an Alabama fan you remember the play that ended the game in overtime. Alabama has the ball, it was second and twenty-six yards to go, and suddenly Alabama overcame the second and twenty-six with a touchdown pass heard all around the nation.

2 and 26 takes us to Acts 2:26 where Peter quotes from the Old Testament and says, " Therefore, my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest in hope." Your heart may have been glad and your tongue may have rejoiced on the night Alabama won the championship, but this verse is more. This verse references Christ's death and resurrection. In the context Peter is using the Old Testament to prove that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, and God's plan for redemption. Christ knew the plan and will of God. Therefore, his heart was glad, his tongue rejoiced, and though he died, he rested in hope knowing God's power in the resurrection to come. No matter your circumstance, we may be glad, rejoice, and rest in hope knowing that Jesus Christ is victorious. Remember your eternal victory in Christ this season.

Auburn Fans:

Thanksgiving weekend is an incredible time to be with family and friends and to celebrate the Lord's blessings. However, I have noticed a great tension in the state of Alabama that is called the Iron Bowl. In 2013, the greatest rivalry in college football lived up to the hype. This game is commonly referred to as the "Kick 6". The time seemed to have expired after four quarters of play between Auburn and Alabama, and the score was tied at 28. Overtime seemed to be inevitable. Alabama challenged the time-clock and one second was put back up on the scoreboard; a decision Alabama fans would regret. Alabama would attempt a 57-yard field-goal. Attempted would be the right word. Auburn planned ahead by having Chris Davis back in the end-zone just in case the kick fell short and could be fielded. Mr. Davis delivered a miracle to Auburn and disaster to Alabama. He ran the short kick back 109 yards to win the game 34-28 in the final second. One of the most famous scenes ever in college football and the fan reaction showed up on the seismograph.

34-28 leads us to Exodus 34:28, " Moses was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant - the Ten Commandments." Auburn knew the rule-book and therefore knew the opportunity ahead of them if the kick fell short. Moses knew the Law after dwelling in the Lord's presence for forty days and Moses knew the opportunity before him. The Lord instructed Moses to write the Law on tablets so all His people would know His Law. The Lord pursued relationship with His people, but He reminded them of His holiness in the relationship, and the Law reminds us of our unholiness. Without Christ we would be condemned by the Law, but Christ came, fulfilled the Law, took on the cross on a day of seismic events, tore the curtain of the Temple, and the relationship has been restored. May we rest in the presence of God through the blood of Christ and Holy Spirit!

North Alabama Fans:

I'm thankful for North Alabama in our community. As a proud graduate of UNA, I celebrate with the Lions. UNA has had incredible success, most notably their Division II National Championships in 1993, 1994, and 1995. In Fact, UNA's record in the playoffs is 35-18. The Lions move up to Division I this year, but their 35-18 playoff record gives us time to look back and celebrate what has happened while looking forward to what will happen.

35-18 leads us to Psalm 35:18 which says, " I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among the throngs I will praise you." It's a blast to go to the UNA games, to be a part of the crowd, to scream for the team and hear the incredible sound of the Pride of Dixie. However, none of this can compare to worshiping the Lord. What a blessing it is to gather together as the people of God and praise the God of the universe! We praise Him for creation, redemption, and for life, eternal life.

Tennessee Fans

Are there still any Tennessee fans? Just kidding! Tennessee fans need to look at 1 Corinthians 15 where Paul describes the resurrection of Christ. God can do anything, He can perform miracles, He can raise the dead and bring them to life. I'm not saying He will do this for Tennessee, but He has done this in our salvation through Christ. Enjoy the season Tennessee fans, put your hope not in Rocky Top, but in Christ!

Enjoy the year,

Thompson's Text

25 Years at Woodmont Baptist Church 

In late August of 1993 my family and I moved to Florence Alabama from Enterprise Alabama so I could begin serving at Woodmont Baptist Church as the Associate Pastor/ Minister of Education and Administration. It has truly been a privilege and honor to serve alongside the staff and leaders at Woodmont throughout these years.

My son Seth was 7 and my daughter Rebekah was 3. (Note the picture from 1994. Hannah, our surprise child, was born 2 years after we arrived in 1995) Woodmont embraced my family and I serving the Lord here in the Shoals.

I remember meeting with the search committee and deacons and they asked me what my philosophy of ministry was? Besides serving the Lord and following his call on my life, I gave them a very simple answer:

  1. Love the people - All the people - all the time. Even the hard to love ones with a genuine agape type love.
  2. Love the church history- By this I meant I needed to learn and appreciate all those that worked and labored so hard to sacrifice and build to get to where Woodmont was at and to establish trust with the church members so we could together move forward
As I have sought to follow those two principles the last 25 years, I have felt the love and support returned back to me in countless ways from my WBC family. Together we have seen the Lord "Touch Lives and Reach People" and build a strong "Family of Faith on Mission" here at Woodmont Baptist. PTL!

I have now served under 4 senior pastors, 3 interim pastors, and worked alongside 3 student ministers, 2 children ministers, 4 Personal Ministry directors, and 1 singles and family life minister. I've been honored to work with dozens of church administrative assistants (Secretaries) and Custodians and many dedicated Godly church leaders and members. During the last 25 years our church has received 1,293 as new members. Of that number 824 joined by baptism. PRAISE THE LORD! It is exciting and humbling to look back and see how the Lord has worked in the past twenty five years. I feel truly blessed in the Lord's call for me to serve and be a part of His work here at Woodmont.

I am enjoying working with Brother Chad, our staff,  and interim leadership. All of our church staff, secretaries, custodians, and other part time staff do a great job. We have a special team here at Woodmont. Woodmont has been through a difficult spring and summer with Denise's passing and Kevin retiring and we have just now started into our new fall schedule. In light of this difficult season, I have asked Chad that the church not have a large celebration service or love offering to honor my 25 years of service. I am grateful to my Woodmont family for your love, encouragement and patience with me through the years. I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store through Woodmont in the coming days. 

Under His grace,

Student Ministry

As we look at Paul's life throughout the New Testament we see that Paul finds himself in some bad situations and in harsh conditions. The one thing I always think to myself, is how in the world did he encourage others and say things like "count it all joy" when you face trials? Going through trials is definitely not a joyful thing. See Paul had found the key to having true joy, and that was to put Christ first in his life. No matter what Paul was facing, he could rest in the fact that this was not his home and he would see the Heavenly Father one day soon. I don't know who came up with this but I am quite sure you have heard it. It is a good reminder of how your priorities should line up if you want the joy Paul speaks of:
We as CHRISTIANS have a countercultural view of JOY. It is not that we are against pleasure and satisfaction. We just have a different source that we get joy from other than sex, money, power, career advancement, education, and entertainment.
What do you think will bring you joy?
The quest for joy is built into the fabric of the United States: "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,"
But still people can't quiet find what it is they are looking for...people try all different kinds of things but still feel empty inside. I want us to think about something that I was told once.
Happiness is temporary and is usually based on your present circumstances. If things are going the way you feel like they are supposed to go,  then you probably feel pretty happy. Let me give you an example: If your favorite team wins, you feel happy for a little while but it soon wears off and you need another win to satisfy you. Your team can never win enough games or enough championships to satisfy you. It will always leave you wanting more and more. If sports are your god (your source of happiness) then you will begin to allow your happiness to be dependent on if your team wins or loses. You never find true joy in it no matter what the outcome of the games are.
Now Joy on the other hand is forever and can't be taken away as long as Jesus is the source. This is what Paul had when he wrote the letters to the churches while in prison. It would seem impossible for us to have joy in a place like that, but Paul's source of joy was Jesus!
King Solomon was one of the wisest men of his day and had the world at his fingertips. He could have anything he wanted and the Bible tells us that he tried everything he could and partied like there was no tomorrow. At the end of his life in Ecclesiastes 2:10, he had this to say about all of his worldly accomplishment, "When I considered all that I had accomplished and what I had labored to achieve, I found everything to be futile and a pursuit of the wind. There was nothing to be gained under the sun."
It was all useless, pointless, foolishness.
Some people realize that the thing in their life they thought would satisfy them doesn't or if it gets taken away, some cannot deal with it and end up committing suicide.

Dissatisfaction isn't new though. According to an ancient historian, Alexander the Great wept in his tent saying, "there are no more worlds to conquer."

A modern example was seen in an honest confession of Tom Brady, who after 3 Super Bowl wins remarked, "Is this all there is?"
Stop searching for joy in created things and find true everlasting joy in the Creator!
The only way to have joy is in Christ.


Singles' Ministry

We need hole sponsors and golfers.
 Contact Belinda Green  or Tina Kitchens to sign up. 
Sign up table in the church foyer.
Items being collected for the Guatemala Mission Trip in November :
    • Plain saline nasal spray
    • Topical antifungal cream
    • Triple antibiotic cream
    • Hemorrhoid cream
    • Children's liquid Motrin, Zyrtec, and Claritin
    • Walmart's Parents Choice Baby Formula (gentle) any stage 1-12 months
Collection basket in breezeway.

UNA Tailgate Party-September 22 
@2:30 at the East Campus shelter. 
Bring a finger food and a chair.

September 23rd
 Singles Monthly Covered Dish Lunch

Saturday, Sept. 29th. Work the Soup Kitchen 
DivorceCare starts back up October 3rd. 
Class will meet in B 102 from 6:00 to 8:00.

Family Life Ministry

Marriage Vacation 2018
Marriage Vacation 2018

Children's Ministry 

Well it's official! School is back in session. The brand new tennis shoes have a scuff or two on them, and the brand new school supplies have lost a little bit of their luster. We are all getting settled into our little routines. Routines often get a bad wrap but really, they are a pivotal function to our everyday life. For instance, brushing our teeth, sleeping, eating regularly- all good and healthy routines! But if we are so set in our routine that the Spirit can't have His way among us, then we need a reality check.

How often do you analyze your daily routine? Does it include time for reading the Word, praying, and repenting? I have been convicted recently about the importance of not just reading and praying, but spending time in silence before the Lord so he can show me where I need to repent. While this is an important personal spiritual discipline, it is also a disciple that will inevitably affect the people around me, and the ministries I am involved in at church. I am praying for us as a church body to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading, and to be thankful for the work that He has done, and is doing among His people. I believe the Lord has done amazing things and has many more planned for WBC. Will you join me in praising God for all that He is done, praying about what He wants to do next, and asking the Holy Spirit to show us where we need to repent.

I love my church family and am so very grateful for each of you. The Lord uses your encouragements and prayers to flood my cup! I'm praying for you. Happy September!

55 and Older Join Us For These Upcoming Events...

Game Day will begin on Thursday, September 6, at East Campus   
We are changing the schedule. We will meet from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. and will not have finger foods. We will have popcorn, cookies, or brownies with drinks and coffee. Someone will be asked to bring the brownies or cookies for game day each month and the rest will be furnished. We will only have game day on the first Thursday of each Month. We hope this new schedule will encourage you to participate in game day and the fellowship.

Monthly Luncheon will be Thursday, September 20, at 12 noon in the gym. 
Our speaker will be Angie Hamilton, Assistant District Attorney. Her topic will cover Elder Abuse and various scams that are used to lure older adults into sending money. We invite you to come to this informative meeting. We will have a catered meal and the cost will be $5 per person to be paid at the door. Sign up in the breezeway for your reservation.

calendar deadline School is back in session, vacations overs, and the routine for fall and winter will be back in place. We hope you will mark your calendars for the third Thursday of each month for the Primetimers' monthly luncheon and the first Thursday of each month for game day. Watch the bulletin for trips and information for sign ups for activities. We would really like you to be a part of Primetimers'.

Frances Moore
New Members

Kinsey Berryman
Pictured with: Husband, Tom & Daughter Ella
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