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            March 2018

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Sunday, March 11
Hess's Headlines

Dear Church,

There are times in life when the Lord allows you to witness something so incredible that your only reaction is humility and worship. For some, it may be a sunrise, a period of prayer where the Lord reminds you of His provision in your life, or maybe just being outdoors in God's creation. For me, some of these times include the moment I first saw Janna on our wedding day, the birth of my two sons, the day I watched my dad baptize my best friend in high school, and witnessing people worship Jesus around the world. Today was one of those moments; a meeting that turned to an unexpected opportunity to witness a preview of Heaven. Please allow me to explain.

I received an invitation to a lunch meeting a few weeks ago from a friend of mine, Scott Barber, pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. When I arrived at the meeting, there were plenty of other pastors, ministry leaders, and others that I have the privilege of knowing. There was also a number of people I did not know, but later found out that they were also pastors and ministry leaders within the Shoals area. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming Shoals Area Prayer Rally to be held on May 2, 2018. Initially, I thought this was another meeting, another opportunity to discuss dates and times, another meeting to make plans and ask the Lord to bless them. However; the Lord quickly corrected me. It was during this meeting that I realized the Lord had made the plans and was allowing us to be a part of what He was doing. At first details were discussed, then testimonies of past prayer rallies were shared, and then it happened. Timmy Ray stood up to lead us in worship and all of us gathered together began to sing to the Lord acknowledging our need for Him and praising Him for being our Solid Rock. As I looked around the room, the image became so clear to me, this was the preview of Heaven. A group of gathered believers, different denominations, different races, different cultures, different backgrounds, and different socio-economic statuses all worshipping together about the greatness of our God. We sang together in unity. Prayed together earnestly, worshipped together humbly.

The name of the Lord is to be exalted and lifted up. In fact, Philippians 2 tells us that Jesus the Christ has been given the name above all names. John the Baptist said that Jesus must increase, and I must decrease. The Lord united a group of people that commonly are not on the same page. As I looked around the room, there was one glaring reality: we all had been in desperate need for Christ and He had made the difference. Now we understood Galatians 3:26-29:

So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

I pray that you would experience the same blessing on May 2, 2018. Please plan to attend the  Prayer Rally (click for flyer) that evening held at the Florence Coliseum at 6:00 PM. You'll be glad you came and you may be more homesick for Heaven than ever before. Finally, thank you to all those involved in the Prayer Rally and special thanks for Eddy Garner in working so hard for the King and His Kingdom. 

Thompson's Text

Woodmont Baptist Church's 2017 Giving Review

Budget.................................................................................................................. $1,466,581
  • Cooperative Program (7.5% of Tithes & Offerings Received)..................$104,442.33
    • 52% goes to the Alabama State Convention
Supports our state leadership in Montgomery, and local associational and college missionaries, training centers, retirement homes, and other entities.
    • 48% goes to Southern Baptist Convention
Supports International and North American Missions, SBC seminaries, training pastors and lay  leaders, Christian Ethics and religious Liberties

Alabama State Convention supports Baptist colleges, Southern Baptist Convention supports International and North American Baptist missionaries, Seminaries, Train Pastors and Leaders, Christian Ethics and Religious Liberties.
  •  2017 March to Missions Giving ($14,815.99) PLUS Designated for Line Items
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering -- Direct support for International missionaries
50% of March to Mission s PLUS Designated of $23,620.50 ..............$31,028.49
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering - Direct support SBC North American missionaries
25% of March to Missions  PLUS Designated of $5,765.77  .................$9,469.77
Myers Mallory State Missions Offering - WMU, Disaster Relief, Church planting,
and revitalization  5% of March to Missions ...................................... ..$740.80
Children's Home - Direct funding for the 3 Alabama Baptist Children's Homes
10% of March to Missions PLUS Designated of $4,059.29..............$5,540.89
World Hunger - 100% Directly to needs (no administrative costs)
10% of March to Missions PLUS Designated of $1,353.00..............$2,834.60
  • Allasso Benevolence Ministry$24,533.05
    • Numerous families helped through our Personal Ministries
  • Other Benevolence....................................................................................$5,950.00
  • Food Pantry................................................................................................$5,858.00
  • Hurricane Relief Offerings (Texas and Florida)  ......................................$10,836.00
Reese's Pieces 

Last Sunday night, as my good buddies in the youth choir presented yet another installment of Café Hosanna, I was reminded once again how influential music is in the spiritual development of our kids. Most of the young people who stood up their singing their hearts out Sunday night have been doing so in the church since they were tiny tots. Some of them had had solos or speaking parts in children's musicals. Some of them probably couldn't carry a tune in a bucket but "sing-shouted" louder than all the rest. Some probably wiggled the entire time, some lifted up their skirts; some stared off into space, and some burst into tears and cried for Mommy. And yet here they stood, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 year-old men and women, boldly extolling Christ with mature voices, while comprehending and meaning every word.

I also thought about our church's Kids' Choir and Preschool Praise ministries. Thanks to the gifted adults who are willing to lead and train them, the cycle of praise continues.
To those of you who were raised in the church: What was your favorite song that you learned to sing as a small child? (I'd really like to know. Tell me next time you see me, or shoot me an email.) I think mine was probably Zacchaeus; I could really rock that "you come down" part.  

It is said that in 1962 the great theologian Karl Barth was asked, during a Q&A time following one of his lectures, "Of all the great, majestic hymns that have been composed through the ages, which one do you feel best summarizes all of Christian theology." His response: "Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so."
I believe, somewhere along the way, we start making it too complicated. But our children who are involved in Kids' Choir and Preschool Praise are being taught simple, foundational, memorable truths using the powerful vehicle of music, which-as you know, if you've ever gotten a song stuck in your head for hours or even days-is a really effective way to impart and implant information.

I heard once about a child who inadvertently mixed up the words and sang, "Jesus knows me, this I love." Profound, huh? It just goes to show that, even in reverse, the precepts our kids and grandkids learn through music are strong and true. Are your children or grandchildren involved in Woodmont Kids' Choir or Preschool Praise? Why not?

 Student Ministry


want to thank everyone who helped make Unite a success!  We had a great time.  I believe the Lord used this time to draw us closer to Him, and moved in the lives of our students. We averaged around 200 and we had around 12 churches in the area involved. 

We are going on a mission trip to New Orleans, June 17-23 this year. An interest meeting will be scheduled March 11 @ 5:45 pm. in the chapel. This trip is open to youth 9th grade and above and parents. Cost is $280 dollars per person. Here is the website:

Mission Trip to New Orleans
9th Grade & Up
June 17-23
Cost: $280 
Summer will be here before you know it, so if you plan on going camp, you need to sign up soon! This year we will be attending Student Life in the Smokies! Looking forward to a great week as we get fed spiritually through studying the word together and also enjoying fellowship with one another.

Cost: $275 regular
$250 if you sign up before April 1
Where: Sevierville, TN (Smokies)
When: July 23-27
Sign up in the lobby of Worship Center or online.

Men's Ministry 


Family Life Ministry 

"The Great Marriage Experience"
with Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg
Saturday, March 10th    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

This one day marriage conference is being held by First Baptist Church of Rogersville. The cost is $50 per couple or $25 per individual. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Couples can register by calling the church office at 256.247.5351.

There are also other speakers and topics offered on Friday night and Saturday night. If interested, you can go to their church website to check those out.

Woodmont Spring Fling Event
Sunday, April 15
6:00 p.m. in the gym.
This will be a fun church family event.


Singles' Ministry

DivorceCare I am reminded each Wednesday night of how faithful God is to meet us in the midst of our pain. As the DivorceCare participants share their stories, the facilitators are always so compassionate and understanding because they have also felt that pain. The Bible talks about comforting others with the same comfort with which we have been comforted and that is what is happening as we strive to help hurting people heal from their divorce. The participants soon realize that they are in a place where they can be heard and not condemned ....where they can vent without guilt ....where they can cry and have others cry with them.

DC4K I am always amazed at how the Lord provides the workers for the adults and the children's programs as well. This year we have a grad student, 2 retired school counselors, and a grandmother helping with our DC4K team. A lot of churches don't offer the kids' program because they can't get the workers for it.

I am so thankful for each facilitator and kid's worker who gives of their time to faithfully serve in this program. DivorceCare and DC4K continue through the end of April. The program is designed so that new people can come in to the program at any time.

Game Night
March 23rd
6:00 at East Campus
Bring a finger food and join the fun!

Singles Monthly Covered Dish Lunch
March 25th 
Please bring a veggie dish, casserole, or dessert.

Soup Kitchen
March 31st
10:00 till 1:30
Contact Belinda Green, Latricia Hensley, or Rhonda Parrish if you are interested in helping with this service project.

Under His grace,

Children's Ministry


Toilet Paper / Paper Towel Drive
Preschool - 6th Grade
The goal is to build a tower of 9 feet 
by the end of March.

55 and Older Join Us For These Upcoming Events...

Game Days: Thursday, March 1 & March 29, at 12:30 p.m. at East Campus. Bring a finger food. Play games and eat until around 4 p.m. Join the FUN!!

Monthly Luncheon: Thursday, March 15 at 12 noon. The cost is $5 per person for a Lasagna/Salad/Dessert lunch. Sign up in the breeze-way and pay at the door. If you sign up and do not attend please give your money to Frances Moore. Our speaker will be Amy Stanfield, Volunteer Coordinator for ECM Hospital. She is bringing numerous pictures and updates on the new hospital. This should be an interesting program as we hear about the progress and programs concerning the wonderful new addition to our Community.

FYI: If you received a trip schedule, please change the dates of the Celebrators Conference from Oct. 15-18 to Oct. 22 - 25. The dates have just been announced and have been moved forward a week. Check bulletin for information concerning upcoming trips.

Frances Moore
New Members

Devyn Kerby, Baptism
Cheyenne Suits, Baptism

Our Mission

Woodmont Baptist Church's MISSION STATEMENT is:

 "To do the Lord's will through prayer, worship, discipleship, service, missions

and evangelism - In His name, by His spirit and for His glory." 

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