Speaker Series
Sunday, January 12
10:00 a.m. in the Togo West Parlor 

Our speaker this Sunday is  Christopher Costa, former intelligence officer of 34 years, former Special Assistant to the President and current Executive Director of the International Spy Museum. He will speak on The International Spy Museum.
New Adult Bible Study
Sunday, January 12

For most of the Sundays until Lent, a new adult Bible Study meets at 10:00 a.m. in the third floor conference room. Jack Reiffer is leading a study on the Gospel of Matthew, the lead gospel for our current Year A church year. The study examines the major themes that are part of this year's gospel readings and how the Matthew lessons are assigned to the various Sundays in the church year.
Way of Love Class Sunday
Sundays, January 12 and 19, 10:00 a.m.
St. John's will have  a youth class introducing the Way of Love and developing a Rule of Life. We will be gathering on Sunday, January 12 and 19, at 10:00 a.m. in the youth room on the second floor of the Parish House, for donuts and discussion. If you have any questions about this class, contact Matthew Taylor.
Youth Retreat
Saturday and Sunday, January 25 and 26
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry invites the youth of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington for a Dusk-2-Dawn retreat on January 25-26, 2020, at Bishop Walker School focusing on living in the Way of Love. The Way of Love is a series of practices, or a rule of life, for living a Jesus-centered life encouraging prayer, study, service, and reflection. Please register to go with St. John's youth here by January 20.
Epiphany Lessons and Carols and Holy Eucharist
Sunday, January 26, 11:00 a.m.

Join the Parish Choir for a service of Lessons and Carols for the Season of Epiphany. More ancient than the celebration of Christmas, the early church highlighted three manifestations-or epiphanies-of Jesus' life and early ministry: the visit by the Magi, the revelation that he was God's beloved child at his baptism in the Jordan, and his first miracle at the wedding feast at Cana. Explore these stories through music and readings for the season of Epiphany.

Please be in touch with Brent Erstad, Acting Director of Music, to learn more. 
St. John's Annual Parish Reception
Sunday, February 2, after the 11:00 a.m. service

Join St. John's community at the Annual Parish Reception on Sunday, February 2, after the 11:00 a.m. service. We will gather to celebrate the first year with our new rector, the Rev. Rob Fisher, as well as a promising 2020 with all parishioners and vestry members of St. John's Church.  There will be wine and non-alcoholic beverages in addition to heavy hors-d'oeuvres.   
Please RSVP at rsvp@stjohns-dc.org or at  (202) 347-8766
by Thursday, January 30.
  All are welcome!
Volunteer at Cardozo Education  Campus
January Opportunities
Communities in Schools, which is supported by St. Johns Church, is looking for volunteers at Cardozo this January:
  • The school has made an urgent request for tutors during January. Tutoring will take place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No special training is needed. Tutors will be working with vulnerable students who are in danger of failing the term. Volunteers are welcome at one, some, or all sessions as they are able.
  • The monthly food market will be on Tuesday, January 14, starting at 1:30 p.m.
Please contact Livy More  for more information.
More Jesus, More Love Revival
Sunday, January 26

General admission tickets for the More Jesus, More Love Revival service with Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry are now available. This event is free, but requires a ticket for entry. Tickets are limited to six per person and available on a first come, first served basis.

How to reserve tickets:
Tickets will be mailed in January 2020.  Learn more at the EDOW website .

As we welcome 2020, we have exciting ministry awaiting us at St. John's.  Our annual stewardship giving provides much of the financial support that make all of our ministries possible, and the information provided by pledges allows our church leaders to budget with confidence.  A nonprofit leader of note has described charitable giving as a kind of alchemy, a magical transformation of the giver's resources into a public expression of their values.  We have this good fortune each year--each week!--to see our gifts to St. John's turn into beautiful music, inspirational sermons, meaningful outreach, Christian education, and much more. 

Please join us in pledging what you are able 
towards this fall's stewardship drive.
Pledge Envelopes Now Available for Pick Up
Pledge envelopes are available. Please pick up your pledge envelopes at the reception desk in the Parish House.  Envelopes may be picked up from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on Friday and 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. Envelopes that have not been picked up by February 3rd will be mailed!
St. John's Book Club
Thursday, February 6
The St. John's Book Club will meet on Thursday, February 6. We will meet in the second floor teens classroom of the Parish House at 6:45 p.m. to discuss Hitch 22 by Christopher Hitchens. If you love to read, please join us for an evening of discussion and socializing. For more information, contact Leila Taaffe.
Community Building Potluck Suppers
St. John's will continue its popular parishioner potluck suppers in the New Year! The Rev. Rob Fisher, his wife Sarah Wood, and the Rev. Jane Hague hope to attend. They are a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with fellow parishioners. If you are interested in hosting one, please contact Holly Sukenik.

Saturday, February 8
6:00 p.m. in Falls Church City, VA. RSVP to Dick and Joy Nathan.

Friday, February 28
6:30 p.m. in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. RSVP to Elizabeth Lewis and David Abernethy.
Host a Sunday Parish Lunch
through May 17
Sign Up to Host A Sunday Parish Lunch!

Your help is needed to make it happen. Participate in one of the best fellowship opportunities at St. John's. Make new friends - both members and visitors - and catch up with old friends. We encourage individual members, families, and groups and ministries of our church to host lunches. Working with family and friends is FUN! It takes at least two people to pull it off. So talk to a friend - or two or three - about joining you to host a Sunday Lunch. The more the merrier! Hosts may be reimbursed for expenses or receive a tax receipt as you choose. 

Detailed guidelines are sent to anyone who inquires. To sign up to host a lunch, contact Holly Sukenik, the lunch coordinator or contact Kaye Edwards in the Parish Office
Care of Creation Message
Our Pets have a Carbon Paw Print, Too

We Americans love our pets, and our lives are deeply enriched by their presence.  Together, we care for some 163 million dogs and cats-and they have their own unique carbon paw prints.  The most important contributor is the food we feed them.  Because so much pet food is protein sourced, our pets alone account for 30% of the greenhouse gases emitted by US meat and dairy production.  Even as we humans are advised to cut back on meat and dairy products, the same advice applies to our pets, not least because over half of them are overweight.  What we serve our pets has consequences.  Producing a pound of chicken or tuna typically generates between 6-7 lbs. of carbon emissions.  Making a pound of beef edible, on the other hand, releases 27 lbs. of carbon, and a pound of lamb generates over 39 lbs. of carbon.

- St. John's Care of Creation Group.
Thinking About Science and Faith
Would you be interested in exploring the intersections of modern science and theology during Lent next year? A few parishioners are exploring ideas for a study group, possibly to take place later in March. If you'd like to be part of this, whether as a participant or planner, please be in touch with Joanne Hutton.
Engaging Faith and the Workplace
What does it mean to engage faith and the workplace? And what is a workplace ministry?

Is it about helping our neighbors at work? Is it about trying to shape the organization in which we work to better serve the community? Is it about creating vibrant businesses that both model good practices, and earn profits that can pay staff, support their families, and enhance the dignity of work? Is it about using and sharing our God-given gifts in the secular world? Is it about gently living lives modeled on Christ?

The short answer is that it can be all of the above! And the good news is that we can all engage in this ministry - and not just those currently in the workplace. As we think about how to build up this ministry, and become still more light and salt for our neighbors and co-workers, we would love to get input from as many of you as possible.  We look forward to working on this new ministry of St John's.

For questions or ideas or simply a request to talk
Join the Parish Choir
The Parish Choir, a dedicated corps of volunteer musicians who provide musical leadership for Sunday morning services, welcomes new members. Midweek rehearsals are most Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., with a light supper of sandwiches provided at 6:30 p.m. There is a straightforward voice trial for admission, but the main qualification is your interest in serving St. John's in its music program.

Please be in touch with Brent Erstad, Acting Director of Music, to learn more. 
Prayer List
Those who are sick or recovering:
From our parish: Teresa Huettner, Nelda Johnson, Bob Patchell, Dace Vidins, Jeff White, and  Susan Wild

Friends and family of our parish: Bruce Anderson (Cay Buser), Niels Beck (Michelle Mangrum), Rachael Buckley (Chrystal Martin), John Frew Carter (Margo Arnold), Lane Carter, Bill Clark (Clark Ervin), Carl Edwards (Lauren Edwards), William Frew Conderman (Margo Arnold), Sambar Datta (Ashley Culbertson), Harry Davis (Mary & Carl Raether), Gideon Donoho (Thom Sinclair), Karl Dornemann (Deb Dornemann), Bobby Doyle (Alex Pappas), Ted Fibison (Wendy Fibison), Lucas Hunt (Matthew Taylor), Edwarda Johnson (Wande Johnson), Elliot Josey  and Henry Josey (Sara and Bill Josey), Linda Linton (Cay Buser), Amy Lowenthal (Andrew Tomlinson), William Markiewicz (Matthew Taylor), Tammy McCleaf (Matthew Taylor), Geoff Megaree (Cay Buser),Kevin Milstead (Andrew Tomlinson), Timothy Mullins (Jim Mullins), Zach Newton (Andrew Tomlinson), Judy Nicola (Cynthia Walker), Jerry O'Hagan (Lance Jensen), Jonathan A.I. Olowu (Elizabeth Leach), Ginger Parra (Leila Taaffe), Cawley Scott (Robyne Johnston), Diane Sinclair (Pat Dalby), Zoe Taaffe (Leila Taaffe), Gabriel Van Oyen (Carolyn Crouch), Henry and Sandy Welles (Donna Welles), Jim Wolter (Willy Wolter), and Kristen Wyckoff (Pat Dalby)

Those who are shut-in:  
From our parish: Max Hudgins. 

Those who are in the hospital:  
Friends and family of our parish: Lois Herrmann (Kaye Edwards), Courtney Jordan Hillman (Erika Northcutt), Julie Howell (Cynthia Walker), Lewis Jr. (GeeGee Bryant), Aiden Mylnikov (Lindsey Bowen), Gina Robinson (Matthew Taylor), Travis Rogers (Robert Carroll), and Matthew Wild (Susan Wild)

Those in our parish celebrating a birthday this week: Bonnie Dewitt, Lizzie Ehrich, Naomi Froelich, Spencer Galm, Kenner Gutterman, Hannah Hahn, Jack Herzog, Gabriela Koch, Kevin Kozlowski, Julie Neff Lippman, Jessica Martens, Bob Pasley, Cami Pease, Raymond Petniunas, Natalie Popovic, Ellen Spencer, Ken Starling, Chandler Van Orman, and Willy Wolter

Those in our parish celebrating an anniversary this week: Missy and Michael Grealy, Kate Bedingfield and David Kieve, and Emily and John Lucio.

Those serving in the Armed Forces including those who are
deployed, and for the Armed Forces Ministry of the
Episcopal Church:
Friends and family of our parish who are deployed: Steve
Helmer (Sara McGanity) and Peter T. Watson (Wendy Fibison).
This Sunday's Schedule
7:45 a.m.      
Holy Eucharist with Sermon - The Rev. Jane Milliken Hague

8:15 a.m.      
Parish Choir Rehearsal                
Nursery opens
9:00 a.m.      
Baptism and Choral Holy Eucharist with Sermon - The Rev. Jane Milliken Hague

10:00 a.m.   
Formation Hour 
*  Speaker Series: Christopher Costa, Director of the International Spy Museum . (Togo West Parlor)

*  Bible Study
(3rd Floor Parish House Conference Room)

*  Church School (age three-grade five) Godly Play class (2nd Floor Parish House)

Youth (grades 6-12) Way of Love Class (2nd Floor Parish House Youth Room)

10:10 a.m.
St. John's Choir Re hearsal

11:00 a.m.     
Choral Holy Eucharist with Sermon -  The Rev. Jane Milliken Hague

Children's Chapel
12:15 p.m.
Hospitality Hour

Parish Lunch

Tour of the Church

12:30 p.m.   
St. John's Choir Re hearsal
Speaker Series Schedule
The Speaker Series is held at 10:00 a.m. on the following Sundays in the Togo West Parlor: 

January 12  
C hris Costa, former intelligence officer of 34 years, former Special Assistant to the President and current Executive Director of the International Spy Museum.  

January 19
David Garrow, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He will speak on The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King. Jr. 

January 26
Vestry Candidates' Presentation

February 9
Dr. Meredith Evans, Director of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. She will speak about the library and the museum and the Carter presidency.
Baptism Dates
The next dates for 
Holy Baptism are:

Sunday, February 23, 9:00 a.m. 
Class: Saturday, February 22, 10:00 a.m. 

Sunday, April 19, 11:00 a.m. 
Class: Saturday, April 18, 10:00 a.m

If you are interested in having a child baptized, or in baptism for yourself,
In Case You 
Missed it...
Listen now to past Sunday Sermons and Speaker Series.

St. John's Church, Lafayette Square
1525 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
P: (202) 347-8766