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The growth of social media has led to unique and interesting complications in various areas of law. People post intimate details regarding their lives, providing readily available evidence for police, employers, and ex-spouses alike. Click Here to Read More

Myths on Divorce
Divorce itself is a confusing process where individuals experience a loss of control. This feeling is further perpetuated by the myths surrounding the entire process. Click Here to read about some of the myths that cause the most anxiety.
Access to Estate and Administration Cases
Did you know that information regarding estate and administration cases on file with the Probate and Family Court are available via the internet?  Searches can be done by case type, name, or docket number.  The website for access is


Holiday Reminder

Although the summer is ending and the children are returning to school, it is not too early to be thinking about the holidays and parenting/visitation time. November and December will soon be upon us, and it is essential to insure that provisions have been made for important holiday occasions. If a hearing on temporary orders has not occurred, or is not scheduled for some time, holidays should be addressed as soon as possible. The courts prefer that you not wait until the last minute to address these important times. Save yourself unnecessary worry, and plan ahead, so you do not have to seek such orders on an emergency basis.


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