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March 2022
4 Tips to Avoid Freelancer Burnout, From Someone Who’s Been There
I’ve learned invaluable lessons on how to keep freelancer burnout at bay—and with so many people leaving the corporate world to launch their own freelance careers in the wake of the pandemic (I see you, Great Resignation!) I thought now would be a great time to share what I’ve learned.
The Importance of Evidence-Based Leave Policy
While COVID has had a considerable impact on all workers, women, and especially women of color, have suffered a disproportionate economic toll given weak supports – like lower access to job-protected, paid leave.
Changing Pronouns at Work: A Success Story
Several years ago, I decided I was ready to tell people my pronouns are they/them. I wanted to do this at work, too, so I decided to tell my manager first and asked for her support in telling my coworkers “these are Sally’s pronouns now.”