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January 2022
Your Questions About Non-Solicitation Agreements, Answered
Minnesota-based private wealth manager Kurt Altrichter was on the phone when it happened. He was handed a set of documents—and he just assumed they were the standard papers he’d been required to sign every year at the wealth management firm where he worked at the time.

“It got shoved at me when I was on the phone, and I just signed it without thinking about it,” he says. But about a year later—when he was planning to leave the firm—a chat with a friend led him to discover that what he’d signed included a non-solicitation agreement. He consulted an attorney and started researching.
Apps for America’s Workforce
At the Department of Labor, we’ve designed several apps to help with  timekeeping, exploring new jobs, staying safe in the heat and more. Though we can’t get a pizza to your door or help keep your plants alive, will make it easier to access important work resources and our latest data.
Did I make a mistake by sharing my salary with a coworker?
I have always believed that knowledge is power, but when it comes to salaries, is there ever a reason to keep such things quiet?

For my entire career, I have stayed in the dark about what my coworkers were earning and likewise did not share my salary either. This is the unspoken rule of etiquette everywhere I have worked, and my bosses have always been coy about sharing pay ranges/bands, so it’s always been hard to know how I stacked up in terms of compensation.