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April 2022
7 Exercises That’ll Help You Stop Using Filler Words
I’ve coached thousands of clients over the years and many of them have needed help learning how to pause and cutting out filler words when they do any kind of public speaking. Here are seven exercises I recommend if you’re trying to do the same.
I Need a Job! Is My LinkedIn Profile Good Enough?
“I need a job” is probably something you have asked yourself once upon a time in your life. Maybe you are self-employed, and “I need a job” means “I need a client!" So, is your LinkedIn profile good enough to get a job or a client?
My Office Contacts Me CONSTANTLY While I’m on Vacation
A lot of people at my agency really think that pandemic justifies these unrealistic meeting times or contacting someone on vacation. They do mean well, but they’re not finding a way to adjust to our new normal. There will ALWAYS be some Covid-related thing going on at any time of day! Please help me!