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June 2022
Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
The misclassification of employees as independent contractors is one of the most serious problems facing affected employees, employers and the U.S. economy. Misclassified workers are denied basic workplace protections including rights to minimum wage and overtime pay, making it harder for them to support themselves and their families.
What Autistic Employees Actually Want Their Coworkers to Know and Do
Autistic people communicate, socialize, and process information differently from nonautistic people. Our tolerance for sensory input is often limited. Every minute, we’re running a thousand calculations about tone, emotions, stimuli, facial expressions, language, and social expectations. It’s exhausting.

Personally, I’ve found disclosing my autistic identity to be a way to start a conversation about this extra work and how my colleagues can help.
Here’s a Template to Make Writing Cover Letters Easier
This is a sample doc I made myself where I tried to pull out the themes across several examples, and start with notes about the gist of how I want each section to go, and then I write it out, and edit it until it’s succinct enough. (I tend to be overly verbose.) And by including samples from multiple letters, I protect myself against being overly derivative of any one letter.