Issue 170| March 18th, 2020
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X Gym has Temporarily Transitioned to Online Training
The governor officially ordered all gyms of every size closed, so we are now Xclusively training members online. Luckily, we are already Xperts at online training because we started it back in 2018.

Thank GOD we did! Other gyms and trainers are up a creek right now, but we are still open online and our trainers are still employed, thanks to the loyal, flexible, and open-minded X Gym members!

Click the video to the right to see PJ's full Xplanation of his online plan to help the X Tribe get stronger and healthier through this crisis, while other gym members are getting weaker and fatter!
Vitamin X: The Ultimate Immune Support?
Click the video to the right to learn more about Vitamin X and how it can help your immune system through raising your temperature, favorably change your gut microbiome, boost your mood, clear your mind, reduce stress, and more!
How the Coronavirus can be FATTENING!
There are seven main ways the current Coronavirus has already proven to be fattening, both for people who have it, and for those who don't!

Click the blog post button below to see what you can do to prevent the fattening effects of this current health scare.
World's Best Immune Food?
Click the video to the right to learn about the most powerful immune boosting food on the planet, to help you fight off viruses, bacteria, and other nasty bugs.

Get ready to have a chuckle too, as PJ hands out a dose of giggles, which we all need more than ever right now!
Quick Quotable:
" Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. "
- Saint Paul
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