e-Peace Update
A Year in Review (photos and highlights summary)

Much was accomplished during 2014.
And there is much more to accomplish during 2015.

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Our gift for you to enjoy and share...
Mattie's December Prayer poem! 

CLICK HERE to visit our December Prayer Project webpage... 
you will find free downloads of Mattie's poem in many languages.

And, you will find links to videos of this poem being shared by Mattie,
and also by many global neighbors in many different languages.
Here is a direct link to Mattie reading this poem... 

for a complete list of 2014 highlights and our photo collages.

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  • You can sponsor a personalized gift brick that will be placed in Mattie's Park & Peace Garden (and photos shared on Mattie's website).
  • You can order books by Mattie, or Mattie's biography written by his mom, and they will arrive signed!
  • You can choose from peace wristbands and inspiration cards, posters and t-shirts, bookmarks and more, to create a peace package. 
  • You can sponsor a teen, a family, a school, or community with a peace journey, and participating in our Peace Certification Program. 
  • You can give the gift of a donation to Mattie's Foundation in celebration of someone who matters -- and we will send you a gift card acknowledgement. 
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"Peace is possible... choose peace!" -- Mattie
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