Wishing You a Prosperous New Year!

We wanted to take this time to reflect, as Ship & Shore's 2019 was a year full of immense growth, technology expansion, and overall booming success - and we owe all of it to each of you. Behind the prosperity, however, comes the hardships, the obstacles, and the unknown. This past year had a few rough patches, as we lost a few loved ones, had a few changes in our team, and yet with every setback we encountered we were able to come back more powerful and grow more successful.

This coming 2020 our team is stronger, bigger, and more capable than ever to handle all of your services and staying true to what we believe in. Looking forward to another year (our 20th year to be exact), full of innovation, fortitude, and most of all - Ship & Shore family. Thank you all who have supported us, as your trust and satisfaction in our team is the most important.

To kick-start our 19th year anniversary, Ship & Shore held a three-day Internal “Mind Share” event. Every single one of our global Sales Reps, Aftermarket Service Team Members, and Close Partners from China, Thailand, Singapore, and all throughout the US joined our team at our Home Office to strategize for the year, plan for growth, and team build with one another.
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