The Year of the Caregiver
Yes we made it through the Year of Covid-19, stronger...smarter...fresher, but now it is 2021 and we are marking it as officially "The Year of the Caregiver! Each month, we will highlight caregivers who exemplify the respectful, dedicated and loving care St. Anne's Mead (SAM) is known for. Whether in our family life or work life, we are all caregivers directly or indirectly, or will be in need of a caregiver at some time in our lives.

In January we are...

Celebrating Gilda !

Gilda Jefferson shines as a caregiver / resident assistant at St. Anne's Mead. In 2007, she left a career in retail to become a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults. She found the work very rewarding and went on to work with older adults. After working at four other long-term care facilities, Gilda joined SAM in 2014 and never looked back. "I really saw a difference at St. Anne's Mead. The level of care is so high, I believe we are the best," she said.
This busy mother of three children, Deon, age 17, Davion, age 15 and Damaria, age 2, is a true caregiver around the clock. "I think it is important for young people to be exposed to older people, they have so much to give. Our residents are trailblazers, people who have wonderful stories to share. I like to help them share their stories. Sometimes they say 'You make my day.' But I often find my residents make my day, too. Caregiving is rewarding, but it also very hard work. Covid separated our residents from their loved ones. It was even more important to make sure they did not feel isolated or alone," said Gilda.

When asked what she would tell others about caregiving, she said "If you think you're called to help, you should help. Stay focused and don't be afraid."

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"If you think you are called to help, you should help."

~ Gilda Jefferson
St. Anne's Mead
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