Hello Yogis, Yoginis and Friends of The Yoga Barn,

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our Community Celebration of International Yoga Day! Despite the pouring rain, we raised over Rp. 19,000,000 (about $1350) for Bali ReGreen, an environmental project working with Gunung Agung refugees in dry areas around the volcano.

We are are back with an updated schedule with new classes and workshops for the month of July!

New Class Series - Head Space
Head Space is interactive discussion-based class with visiting guest presenters. Topics will range from Yogic Philosophy, Health & Wellness, Ayurveda, Meditation Techniques, Integral Grounding, Self Development, Satsang and more. Head Space classes take place in River Dome from 10:45 am to 12:00 noon and are by donation with all proceeds going directly to Bali ReGreen. Drop in at any point to check it out! (If it is raining, check with reception for alternative location). 

  • Monday: Mystic Mondays
  • Tuesday: Integral Grounding
  • Wednesday: Mala Making and Activation (Materials Fee of Rp.500,000)
  • Thursday: Integral Grounding
  • Friday: Spirituality of Yoga
  • Saturday: Saturday Satsang

New Class - Intro to Balinese Dance
Every Monday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm Evie Hatch is sharing a fun introduction to Balinese Dance - a guided class where everyone can experience the beauty of Balinese Dance not as a spectator but as a performer.

Updated Meditation Class Series
There are many different approaches to meditation and we want to allow you to explore, experience and find the best one for you. Our July class schedule now offers a rich variety of meditation classes taught from the different perspectives and expertise of our teachers:
  • Chakra & Aura Meditation with Liana
  • Active Consciousness Meditation with Punnu
  • Tibetan Bowl Meditation with Swami Arun
  • Tibetan Bowl Meditation with Wahuka
  • Higher Self Meditation
  • Gong Bath Meditation with Swami Arun
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Koshi & Crystal Bowl Meditation with Swami Arun
  • Sacred Heart Meditation
  • Guitar Meditation with Paul
  • Crystal Bowl Meditation with Shervin
  • Peaceful Meditation with Greg
  • Develop Your Intuition
  • Opening to Meditation
For more information on each meditation, please click on the class in our live online schedule or in the app.

See below for full details of our workshop offerings and the rich variety of Teacher Trainings taking place at The Yoga Barn.

Terima kasih,
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Take a look at our
weekly programming for
July classes!
Events & Workshops
Space for workshops is limited, so if you want to be sure to get a spot, we recommend you register at our Lower Reception at The Yoga Barn. You can also enjoy Early Bird discounts on most of these offerings if you book and pay more than two days in advance. Please note, class cards are not accepted for these workshops and events.
Intro to Sacred Sound with Shervin Boloorian
July 2 / 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
IDR 800,000
*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior
IDR 700,000

Have you ever wanted to know what goes into a sound healing or how to use everyday natural sounds and frequencies to awaken good vibes? Ancient sages knew that sound vibration improves meditation practice and empowers better “listening” in all aspects of life. At The Yoga Barn in this 5-hour introductory workshop, Shervin will share with you essential nuances, tips and techniques, sound theory and give you time to practice and learn about the effects of different instruments. The best part is that you don’t need any musical experience to connect you to your own healing power through sound. Everyone is welcome!
Sacred Cacao Ceremony
July 2 / 7:30 PM-9:30 PM
IDR 190,000

In these transformational times come to gather in community, sing, dance your heart open and ignite your inner flame. This delicious community gathering is an authentic space for singing and dancing our prayers, opening our heart in love and gratitude, and celebrating the immense beauty of life in this earth. Cacao, the pure base of chocolate is known as “the elixir of the Gods” that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. In this Sacred Cacao Ceremony, we will pay our respects to the ancient while creating a ritual form entirely our own, featuring beautiful live and DJ’d music, voice activation practices, guided meditation, and communal sharing to support us in rising together in love and gratitude.
Monday Night Movie: The Human Experience
July 9 / 7:30 PM
- Dinner at 6.00 PM – 8.00 PM IDR 85,000, enjoy a delicious veggie meal & pre-movie banter!
- Movie at 7.30 PM IDR 30,000, popcorn free!

We are all searching for answers to the most basic questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Do we really matter?
In a world fraught with hostility and violence, an altruistic group of young men endeavor to understand the true essence of the human spirit by visiting forgotten souls such as homeless New Yorkers, Peruvian orphans and isolated Ghanaian lepers. By spotlighting heartwarming stories from around the world, this uplifting documentary shows viewers that every single person, no matter his or her lot in life, is beautiful. Gorgeously filmed and masterfully narrated, THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE explores with depth and compassion what it means to be a human being.
Mandala Art Workshop: Learn, Create, Meditate
July 14 & 15 / 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
IDR 400,000 (for one day) and IDR 750,000 (for two days)
*Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior
IDR 350,000 (for one day) and IDR 700,000 (for two days)

Transcend the mind through your creative spirit, discovering a mindful practice for self-expression.

This one day workshop is an opportunity to create your own personalised vision mandalas and explore this sacred art form as a way of connecting to your inner dreams and a tool for bringing healing, insight, and manifestation into your life!

All are welcome to join one or both workshops. Absolutely no prior skills necessary, just an open mind. All paper, pencils and mandala equipment are included!
Cacao Ceremony: New Moon Celebration with Levi Banner
July 14 / 5:30 PM-8.00 PM
IDR 300,000
*Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior Rp 250,000

The food of the gods. Theobroma cacao. Levi’s cacao ceremonies combine the profound sacredness of ceremony with the equally profound deliciousness of arguably the most magical food on the planet. Y ou’ll experience the unique heart explosions that only cacao can bring and channel the wisdom of cacao spirit for deep, transformative realization.

Every cacao ceremony is a collaboration between the co-participants, facilitated and woven together by Levi. Each one unfolds differently, although you can expect some or all of the following: yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, laughing, crying, hugging, and – undoubtedly - loving.
Adventures in Intimacy Workshop with Paul Teodo
July 16 / 2:00 PM-4:30 PM
IDR 350,000 
*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 300,000

If the title of this workshop scares you a bit (or a lot), this makes perfect sense! We are born as pure love, able to connect with others without fear. But throughout our lives, wounds from betrayal, neglect and rejection cause us to subconsciously withdraw from authentic closeness and form insecurities and habits that cut us off from deeper connection.

You will be guided through fun, playful (non-sexual) connection activities. Although this is a light-hearted discovery, most participants experience profound breakthroughs. This is a transformational experience for partners that want to rekindle their connection and passion. Solo adventurers find powerful heart openings and leave remembering what it is like to feel freedom in closeness to partners, friends, colleagues and family. Recommended for both Singles and Couples!
Indian Classical Music with Punnu Singh Wasu
July 16 / 7:30 PM-9:30 PM
IDR 180,000 

Dive into the sacred ocean of Indian Classical Music with harmonium master & vocalist Punnu Singh Wasu and his musicians.

Indian classical music is meditative and healing in nature as it has its roots in the ancient tradition of yoga. In the olden days, music and spirituality were two sides of the same coin. Indian classical music has 2 major traditions - the North Indian classical music called Hindustani and the South Indian expression called Carnatic. The roots of its music are found in the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of the Hindu tradition.

Enjoy a beautiful, unique and meditative evening concert!
Monday Night Movie: Innsaei, The Power of Intuition
July 23 / 7:30 PM
- Dinner at 6.00 PM – 8.00 PM IDR 85,000, enjoy a delicious veggie meal & pre-movie banter!
- Movie at 7.30 PM IDR 30,000, popcorn free!

The ancient Icelandic word for intuition is “innsaei”, but in Iceland it has multiple meanings. It can mean “the sea within” which is the borderless nature of our inner world. It can mean “to see within” which means to know yourself. And it can mean “to see from the inside out” wh ich is to have a strong inner compass to navigate your way in our ever-changing world.
The inspiring and thought-provoking  Innsaei takes us on a soul-searching, global journey to uncover the art of connecting within in today ’s wor ld of distraction, disconnection and stress. We meet world-renowned scientists, artists and spiritual leaders, as well as an extraordinary group of British schoolchildren who are learning how to better cope in today ’s world by unlocking the power of natur e and mindfulness.
Mindfulness Meditation Course with Punnu Singh Wasu
July 21 & 22 / 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
IDR 3,000,000 (2 days) or IDR 1,600,000 (1 day)
*Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior
IDR 2,800,000 (2 days) or IDR 1,500,000 (1 day)

Meditation is a journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness. It is the food for our soul. Meditation is a powerful way to recharge our batteries and to calm our mind down. Buddha was asked what he has gained from meditation. He replied, "Nothing". However, he said "Let me tell you what I lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death."
Punnu is excited to offer a comprehensive 2-day meditation course to share his knowledge and experience of more than 31 years that has wide application and maintains both psychological and spiritual depth.
In this course you will learn different meditation technics, gain valuable knowledge and insights into meditation, enjoy the many benefits, develop/deepen your personal meditation practice and explore methods, delve into the science behind meditation and the philosophy that supports it, recognise the obstacles in meditation practice and receive ancient and powerful tools for your personal practice. There will be also an emphasis on some of the more Eastern practices, theory and philosophy.
Sufi Sacred Sound & Movement with Shervin Boloorian
July 30 / 6:30 PM-9.00 PM
IDR 200,000
Soften and expand your heart like never before with a Persian-Sufi inspired mystical journey into Rumi’s world of sound vibration and a deep exploration of love’s hidden secrets. Live music and euphoric rhythm accompany a gentle conscious movement ceremony followed by ancient Zikr (Sufi mantra) teachings. To add another dimension to this heart nourishing workshop, guests will then be invited to lay back and receive a meditative sound journey with Middle Eastern and Western meditation instruments such as Egyptian Ney Flute, Frame Drum, strings, crystal bowls, bells, gongs, chimes and Tibetan bowls, woven in with traditional Sufi healing songs and texts in authentic Persian.
Charity Event: Ganesha Puja and Kirtan with Shivananda (DC Leiro) and Greg Kaps
July 31 / 4:30 PM-6.30 PM
By Donation
Come join us for this special puja, a ritual that includes mantra yoga, meditation and offerings to help you align to your path and remove any obstacles. This celebration also includes bhakti yoga with kirtan, devotion singing that helps us connect and open our hearts and mind to this supportive force of nature.

All proceeds will go through PKP Women’s Centre. PKP Women's Centre facilitates female empowerment through job skill programs such as cooking, sewing and English language while at the same time encouraging gender equality. It also provides a safe haven and work place for divorced women who are often highly stigmatized and ostracized within their communities and the broader Balinese society.
Retreats & Teacher Trainings
July 1-15, 2018:
TNYT Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training 100 Hour with Tina Nance
July 3-30, 2018:
High VIbe Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Emily Kuser
July 31-August 11, 2018:
Inner Pathways 100 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Chinese Medicine Meets Thai Yoga Massage
August 1-24, 2018:
Routes of Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Daphne Charles and Anton Jager
August 8-17, 2018:
Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 85 Hour RPYT with Jennifer More
August 22-30, 2018:
The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco
September 1-29, 2018
One Song Yoga - 200 Hour Teacher Training with Denise Payne
September 1- 28, 2018:
Embodied Flow: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tara Judelle
September 30-October 27, 2018:
School of Sacred Arts 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
October 1-28, 2018:
Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour with Tymi Howard
November 2-24, 2018:
School of Healing Arts 200 Hour Program with Carlos Romero
November 16-30, 2018:
November 27-December 20, 2018:
Yinspiration Yin Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with Jo Phee and Joe Barnett Teacher Training
December 2-24, 2018:
Unwinding the Feminine Yoga Immersion with Bex Tyrer
December 21-31, 2018:
Shamanic Breathwork 10-Day Training Immersion with Linda Star Wolf, Nikolaus Wolf and Levi Banner
December 26-30, 2018 :
Reiki Level I, Reiki Grand Master Training and Certification with Punnu Singh Wasu
January 2-29, 2019 :
Sacred Heart Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Foundations & Teacher Training Immersion with Greg Kaps
February 2-24, 2019 :
Mediation Teacher Training, 100&200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training with Punnu Singh Wasu
March 31-April 27, 2019 :
School of Sacred Arts 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
June 8-30, 2019 :
Mediation Teacher Training, 100&200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training with Punnu Singh Wasu
September 29-Oct 26, 2019 :
School of Sacred Arts 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
October 27-31, 2019 :
Reiki Level I, Reiki Grand Master Training and Certification with Punnu Singh Wasu
December 1-5, 2019 :
Kirtan Academy - Bhakti Bliss, Sacred Sound Medicine of Mantras with Punnu Singh Wasu
3-Day Juice Cleanse
Start any day
A transformative, self-guided juice cleanse program, you can start on any day of the week. We invite you to relax, press PAUSE on hectic life, and enjoy this great introduction to fasting and detox. You can now extend your cleanse with additional days too! See the details here.
10-Day Women's Transformative Retreat
July 15-24
Re-discover your divine feminine energy and unleash the goddess that sleeps within! Find the root-cause of your diseases, unhappiness and depression, identify and transform old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. 

The true benefit of this retreat is the invaluable guidance and actionable knowledge that you receive from Dr. Liana. You will not only optimize your health through juicing and healthy eating but will also learn how to improve every other area of your life. Learn more here.
7-Day Detox Fasting Retreats
August 5-12
Led by international practitioners at the top of their field in health and well-being, Juice Detox Retreats are the perfect program for your transformative elevation to a happier, healthier and more empowered you. Movement, yoga, breath-work and meditation classes keep you well-occupied, while daily talks on health, self-healing, self-love, digestion, hydration and more provide the insights you will need to maintain optimal health after the retreat.  This investment in yourself can yield a lifetime of positive returns, and the opportunity to re-connect to your true and best self. See the full list of inclusions and book here .
9-Day Women's Inner Radiance Cleanse Retreat
August 19-27
Reconnect and rebalance your mind and body with this life-changing cleanse retreat. Dr. Liana Nenacheva, will guide you through a gentle process for a metabolism reset, and you will emerge looking and feeling refreshed, healthy, happy and more in control of your life and body.
This is so much more then a detox retreat - it includes full-time support, daily juices, herbs, broths and healthy meals, daily lectures on detox, nutrition and self-love, classes in meditation and sound healing, colonics and more. See the full list of inclusions and book your spot here .
Join us for our new community class: Develop Your Intuition every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm or drop by one of the Head Space discussions to connect with other yogis and The Yoga Barn community.

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