Hello Yogis, Yoginis and Friends of The Yoga Barn,

Connecting and building community has been at the heart of what we do. June is a month where we shine a light on how that translates into making a difference at a grassroots local level, to setting larger intentions for harmony and peace in our global yoga community.

World Yoga Day is Friday 21 June and is a UN endorsed day to recognise and raise awareness of ‘yoga’s’ inspiration as a vehicle for change, connection, healing and spiritual uplift. Sunday 23 June we invite you to join our World Yoga Day Event morning program of meditation, yoga and sound healing. A ‘by donation’ event, all proceeds will go to our selected NGO ' Solemen'. A soul-touching charity making an impact by changing the lives of disadvantaged and disabled individuals in Bali.

Community Class Announcement | In June some returning classes will be on the schedule. And, building on 11 years of yoga, talks, events, parties and fundraisers we are once again responding and growing with our community. A larger River Dome studio is under construction which will result in more space meaning more people and more giving back. All of our community classes are by donation and 100% of funds from our classes to make a difference on the ground for our outreach environmental, health and education partner programs.

FREE Community Event - everyone welcome!   ‘Leading with Conscious Awareness is a one-stop consciousness extravaganza happening at The Yoga Barn, 4:30pm to 6pm by world-renowned neurosurgeon, neuroscientist and pioneer in mind-body medicine - PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) Dr Ian Weinberg. This unique neuroscience journey underpinning consciousness is not to be missed.

One of our most beloved yoga teachers and longest standing legends at The Yoga Barn is Made Murni. Our latest blog interviews Balinese born, Ni Made Murni sharing insight into her personal experience of " ‘Yoga in Bali’ and journey to teaching”. An advanced asana yoga teacher and role model for women, she recalls her beginnings on the mat at ‘The Barn’ being as equally humble to the size of its first studio.

In review of our monthly Workshops and Events , special Night Events and 2019 Yoga Teacher and healing art training programs we are pausing to take stock at the power of global connection. The line-up of visiting international renowned teachers just highlight how those that collaborate with life on a spiritual path become potent ‘extra’ordinary beings. See which passionate creators will be your next mentor.

Love yourself enough to take a digestive break. If detoxing and fruit fasting are on your monthly bucket list, book our monthly group 7-Day Detox program in July and 3-Day Fruit Fast. They are filling up fast and are easily bookable online.

Plus, hot off the press news in our detox staple is Hillary Hitt, Dharma Healing International, one of the world’s foremost acknowledged detox retreat healers is coming back! Just announced, we are offering another special 7-Day Dharma Healing Retreat program this December. Hillary is primarily based in Thailand so we feel very blessed to have her return. Our recommendation is to get in early for this one and book online.

And finally, a big thank you to those of you who had the time to fill in our NEW Enewsletter online survey. We had a great response and can't wait to show you our new look design and content soon. Watch this space!

"From its inception, The Yoga Barn was founded with an intention to give back and create community. Compassion in action is the focal point of everything we do at The Yoga Barn."  
Terima kasih
Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn
Be a part of global celebrations for World Yoga Day - Sun 23 June.
Ubud is an epicenter for spiritual development. Delve deeper into your self-enquiry now.
Arrival in Ubud whether planned or on route to your next Asian destination is never an accident. Ubud, which means 'medicine' draws people here by heart, because of an inner yearning, it attracts those ready for change. The Balinese would believe it was a coming home of sorts, a universal pull into alignment as the heart calls your purpose into the world. So let the yogic, medicinal, philosophical and self-enquiry begin in one of our many monthly workshops, which for sake of ease are bookable online.
FREE Yoga Barn Community Event
Leading with Conscious Awareness
with Dr Ian Weinberg
June 4 / 4:30PM to 6PM

A one-stop consciousness extravaganza hosted by world-renowned neurosurgeon, neuroscientist and pioneer in mind-body medicine - PNI (psychoneuroimmunology). 

Be inspired on a unique journey through the neuroscience underpinning consciousness.

Introduction to Ayurveda (The Science of Life)
with DC Leiro (Shivananda)
June 3 / 9:30AM to 4PM
IDR 700,000 - Early Bird Price available if paid 2 days prior

Ayurveda – the sister science of yoga, is the holistic medical system of ancient India and offers much more than simple remedies of ailments, it’s a science of putting one’s life into balance with greater nature. In this workshop we will establish a solid understanding of core Ayurveda teachings, as well as individual practical applications that will enhance one’s wellbeing and vitality.
Sacred Cacao Ceremony
June 3 / 7:30AM to 9:30PM
IDR 200,000

Cacao (the pure base of chocolate), known as “the elixir of the Gods”, is a powerful and sacred plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. We pay our respects to the ancient while creating a ritual form entirely our own, featuring beautiful live and DJ’s music, voice activation practices, guided meditation, and communal sharing to support us in rising together in love and gratitude. 
Breath of Life - Pranayama Workshop
with Greg Kaps
June 5 / 1PM to 4PM
IDR 350,000 - Early Bird Price available if paid 2 days prior

Come breathe your way to bliss! This workshop covers the basic philosophies, effects, contraindications and proper techniques of a variety of beginner to intermediate classical Hatha Yoga Pranayamas. 
Become a master of your emotions: Create a happy and fulfilling life with Liana Nenacheva
3-Day Workshop | June 6 to 8 / 1PM to 4PM
IDR 1,200,000 - Early Bird Price available if paid 2 days prior

We all know that emotions can ruin our life. Why is it so difficult to work with our emotions? Because....we really don’t understand the bigger picture on where emotions fit in which can limit the work we do to emotionally move forward. Learn how emotions and thoughts build into your life. Doctor Liana explains in a Holistic context the combinations of ancient eastern energy with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Chakra along with psychology and modern science. 
Intro to Vedic Astrology
with DC Leiro
June 11 / 9:30AM to 4PM
IDR 700,000 - Early Bird Price available if paid 2 days prior

Jyotish, often referred to as Vedic Astrology, derived from Sanskrit word ‘jyoti’, (directly translates as light) is an Astrology system originated from the Vedic traditions of India. This workshop will give an orientation to the building blocks of how a chart is set up and the start of analysis. No prior experience is needed.
Sacred Sexuality & Relationships for Women
with Leah Santa Cruz
June 15 / 9AM to 5PM
IDR 1,200,000 - Early Bird Price available if paid 2 days prior

As women, our bodies are intelligently designed for orgasmic states of living, but past traumas, unconscious shame and fears diminish our ability to experience this birthright. It’s time to reclaim the FULL power of your feminine nature, shed your blocks and liberate your Queendom! Experience the passionate, sensual and conscious relationships you’ve dreamed of.
Soulful Sufi
with Punnu Wasu
June 17 / 7:30PM to 9:30PM
IDR 200,000

Dive into the sacred sound of Sufi music with harmonium master and vocalist Punnu Wasu Singh and his musicians. Sufi music is the devotional music of the Sufi's inspired by the works of Sufi poets Rumi, Kafiz and Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Join this passionate and ecstatic, spiritual and entrancing high vibe music concert!
Upside Down & Inside Out | Arm Balances & Inversion 2-Day Workshop
with Madeira
2-Day Workshop | June 19 to 20/ 12PM to 5PM
IDR 1,200,000

Make arm balances and inversions, stronger, softer and more FUN. This 2-day workshop focuses on combining body, breath and bandhas and is open to all levels. Explore energetic push and lift, how to create and adjust space in the body through variety of techniques and exercises. 
Developing Your Psychic & Intuitive Abilities
with Satyatma Vijnanadeva (TK. Jordan)
3-Day Workshop | June 24 to 26 / 12PM to 6PM
IDR 450,000 - Early Bird Price available is paid 2 days prior

Earth is a more magical place than our everyday lives make it seem. All of us have had intuitive feelings about people or things and have noticed amazing synchronicities in our lives that we feel cannot simply be coincidences. 
Others have actually begun exploring the meanings of these things and developing their own powers of intuition, as well as their abilities to feel and manipulate subtle energy.
Master Your Mobility
with Chris Fox
June 26 / 1PM to 4:30PM
IDR 550,000

Mobility is essentially about utilizing functional range of motion of your joints, ligaments, muscles, and fascia in an active expression. Whereas flexibility often uses a passive expression and external forces to get into certain shapes and poses, here we will focus more on the active functional range rather than the passive extremity of pushing and pulling. 
This workshop is designed for your personal needs as a supplement to your daily movement practice. 
Spiritual Awakening: The Path of Happiness, Revealed with Tanya Kaps
June 27 / 10AM to 2PM
IDR 850,000 - Early Bird Price available if paid 2 days prior

In the heart of every human being lies the universal questions: How can I be happy? How can I be free? 
Join Tanya for a yoga and veda deepening workshop to explore the timeless teaching: 'you are the very happiness you seek'. Freedom is available here and now. 
A Day of Bliss
with Greg Kaps
June 28 / 9AM to 4PM
IDR 500,000 - Early Bird Price available is paid 2 days prior

Take some time out yourself. This relaxed pace, full day of yoga and wellness is designed to revitalize the body, balance and ground our internal energies and brings us into a state of bliss. Greg will take us through a traditional “day at Ashram” with morning Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, followed by personal time for reflection, journaling or optional one on one with the teacher.
Sacred Cacao Ceremony
June 29 / 7:30PM to 9:30PM
IDR 300,000

Theobroma cacao is the food of the Gods. A historically-revered plant food which is now much overlooked and misunderstood. In more familiar terms it is known as chocolate. Levi’s Cacao Ceremonies combine the profound sacredness of ceremony with the equally profound deliciousness of arguably the most magical food on the planet. What’s not to like?
Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga Workshop
with Eka Kailash
June 30 / 9AM to 3PM
IDR 1,000,000 - Early Bird Price available if paid 2 days prior

Learn a new and effective way to eliminate pain, improve flexibility and to find balance in your practice! Combining two powerful fascial (connective tissues) manipulation techniques: Myofascial Release (MFR) and Yin Yoga, this workshop offers a comprehensive, yet practical self-care approach on how to eliminate pain, improve ease of movement, and flexibility on the hips and lower back region. This workshop is designed for Yoga practitioners and non-practitioners, as well as general fitness enthusiasts.  
Potent is 'the' word. Stirringly, palpably and inspiringly potent. And any Yoga Teacher or healing art training experience should deliver nothing less. As you commit to real transformation and honouring of your deepest held desires make sure it will ignite your passions and light you up. Our retreat spaces hold courses that are not for the faint of heart, but those willing to work with and listen to their hearts. Make one of those individuals you.

Our natural tropical garden retreat facilities offer charged up pranic energy, an ideal climate for asana, movement and elevation and open studios situated where reputable healer support is onsite. Our Juice Bar and Garden Kafe offer absolute and convenient wholefood nourishment and a wellness oriented community will absorb you in as one of their own.


Detoxing Activation: Heal from the inside out
Are you up to date with our growing detoxing and cleanse programs? I n a world where the benefits of detoxing are becoming rewardingly more mainstream, our  3-Day Cleanse  and  7-Day Detox retreats could be your next self-care reset.  Focused on inner health and sustainable habitual change our detox retreats provide cleansing programs that involve specialized daily juice regimes, therapeutically enhancing detox treatments, education, and fast-breaking transition add-ons. Offered monthly, our July courses are open for registration and are filling up fast so book online here.
Join a Dharma Healing December Detox
Led by Hillary Hitt , founder of Dharma Healing International and lifelong fasting expert, this 7-Day Dharma Healing Fast is a heart opening, reconnecting, expansive experience into your body, mind, and soul. It provides a dynamic education into the sanctuary of your body, the transformative process of fasting and a pure, awakened relationship with the food we eat and the world we live in.

Take a read of our latest detox  Blog   'How does Colon Hydrotherapy support a detox retreat?' offers insight and expertise into why supporting therapies are included in all our fasting retreats to ensure maximum healing of our visitors from the inside out.

Healing through Access Consciousness
Invite more ease, joy and glory into your life through energy healing sessions over the weekends in our Center for Wellness and Healing. Book an Access Consciousness session that is an energy formulated modality rooted in self-empowerment. Just one session will empower you with the awareness of the fact that you can perceive, know, be and receive anything you want – reminding you that everything you seek to know and feel, is already inside of you. 

Plus, for a limited time: align your body mind and spirit with Bio-Dynamic Massage bodywork into early June. To book online see here.
Connect to Community & Contribute
For those of you living and travelling in Ubud, on Sunday 23 June we invite you to join our teachers in a celebration of hearts in a morning program of meditation, yoga and sound healing at our World Yoga Day Event. Your participation will contribute to the intentions of a global community but most importantly it will generate change and improvement to the quality of lives of disadvantaged souls across Bali and Indonesia. 100% of all donations will reach our chosen 2019 event charity, Solemen. Take a moment to watch their video here and please join us to elevate awareness for how a collective force for good can impact much needed change in the world.
Representing The Yoga Barn at Slow Food & Yoga Festival, Gili Bangkit Festival is Nadine McNeil, our heart filled soul sister and Badasana Series, yoga with weights teacher. Join her 20th to the 24th of June on Gili Air for a week of community awareness around conscious living, aligning our beliefs in the wellness and transformation philosophies of yoga, and Slow Food movement principles with our broader community.

Plus join in the fun, play, contribute and be social as part of our community on our Facebook and Instagram