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The Yoga of Happiness

I’d like to talk a little bit about happiness, our search for happiness - We all strive for happiness in this life.  But what we consider happiness varies as we age, it varies with what drives us, and our personal likes and dislikes.   

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Yoga Poses for a Restful Sleep

We all want a good nights sleep, but it doesn’t always happen spontaneously as we’d like it to.  Sometimes it takes some effort to wind down from a stressful day at work and create some calmness of mind and relaxation of body. 

Moroccan Chickpea Loaf

This super nutritious loaf is high in protein,  dietary fibre , folate , and certain  dietary minerals  such as iron  and phosphorous and that’s just from the chickpeas.  

Ayurveda -  Neti

Neti is a nasal wash with warm, salty water. Its main benefit is in the prevention of respiratory disorders like colds, flu, sinusitis and allergies. However, it is also said to be helpful in treating various disorders – like glue ear, myopia, inflamed adenoids, nervous tics, muscular tension in the face, migraines, and even epilepsy. 

Discover Meditation Course

In this beginner 2 part course you will learn several easy and practical techniques to help you learn how to cope better with stress and improve physical and mental well-being
22 & 29 August 8-9.15pm
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Interactive Alignment Workshop

In this workshop, we hope to apply principles to achieve balance between the front and the back of the body, the inner and outer body, right and left side, contraction and expansion, mind and heart. This is a great experience for both the beginner, to learn how to practice yoga asanas correctly and for and seasoned practitioner, to deepen their asana practice.

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