Scale and perspective ...
Whether a spool of thread or a Big Fat Fifty yard fabric bundle, a little perspective always helps when it comes to your arts and crafts.

Lisa is showing the Hoffman Fabrics Big Fat Fifty. Hoffman batik bundles help develop your stash. We're taking pre-orders on Hoffman bundles and passing big savings along to you.

We've just received a big shipment of Hoffman batiks on the bolt, too. Be sure to check them out.

Since we're adjacent to Hoffman-town Shopping Center, it's easy to remember.
Newly in:
  • Several cases of Paintbrush Studio solids
  • A handful of soft books
  • Many, many novel theme fabrics (we'll show them over the next few weeks, but see them now -- they'll move fast)
  • Several boxes of notions and gift items (like the fashionable thimble above, which you could use for a jaunty hat, or maybe for sewing tools)
Dull blades are for dummies
How sharp are Jeremi's resharpened blades? Sharper than new.

Dump your dull, used blades at our cutting table. Give them a second life. Jeremi will resharpen them to better than new.

Sharper than new and safer, too.

Packs of 5 recycled/sharpened blades are just $18.54. If you prefer new, we still sell them for just one dollar over wholesale.

(No mannequins were harmed for this newsletter.)
Exploding Heart Kits
A fool in love has a tough time keeping things in measured perspective. We've got the Exploding Heart pattern kitted with Kaffe pre-cuts so if you're not feeling like dealing with measuring, you don't have to.
Kit for a Christmas Gift
A historical perspective of Albuquerque can't be complete without mention of the mission, with a history that goes back quite further than Hoffmantown.

Featuring 6 blocks of our Lady of Guadalupe on a field of traditional southwest colors (turquoise jewelry goes back further than the mission). This quilt would be a suitable gift for anyone who might be inclined to look homeward. Quilt it trapunto style for a sculptural touch.

Back it in chambray, maybe ... ?
If you know an hombre who needs an ombre, the ones in this collection stand head and shoulders above the rest. This one goes from coral to turquoise, like traditional southwest jewelry. Several others to choose from, too.

Featuring sweethearts of the rodeo in the theme fabrics, nobody can say this collection is for the byrds. It's got vintage motifs, hand-colored photographs and montage and collage elements. Sold by inches and yards, not grams, Lipstick Cowgirl is here now, round up yours.

Kimberbell Kits!

This pillow kit is complete with all you need to create this keepsake pillow.

Part of the "Fill in the Blank" program.

We're pleased to offer more than just the blank. -- we've got the best supply of Kimberbell in all of New Mexico!

It's beginning to look
a lot like Halloween ...

Get in the spirit with Full Moon.

It's finally HERE!
(Hurry for best selection)

Blanket Print
National Parks

Our Lady of Guadalupe
It seems like it's been since 1531 since we've seen this.
Ginny used Kaffe Fassett fabrics to make this dazzling version of a 3-yard quilt. Based on the Corner Play pattern, we'll kit it for you. See it in store now.

Catherine used Alison Glass fabrics for this variation of Flying Geese called "Lazy Goose". Kits available now!

In-store NOW!
Hot Air Balloon
This one just came in -- big, big panel measuring most a yard by width of fabric. Depicting a sunrise ascension over lavender fields, it's based on photographic artwork. Running yardage available, too.

Botanicals is in, featuring birds and plants and more. A muted palette that will lend itself to a project for a nature lover or gardener.

A pressing matter, a hot item
The much-loved felt pressing pads are back in stock. They help speed your pressing. A couple of sizes to choose from. Because of the wool's insulating properties, it's like ironing both sides at once.

Fabrics for Pre-order
From Jeremi's Workshop:
Everything old is new again

This yellow machine features the scroll face plate, chrome handwheel, non-indexed tension assembly and school bell bobbin winder.

And a near incandescent yellow paint. Pick your color from our current inventory or have one done custom to match ... you name it.

Sunday Super Saver

Look for the big question mark at the bottom of our website homepage. Every Sunday, we'll have something on offer that is a MINIMUM of 33 percent off.

The sale starts at 8 a.m. and continues until the item is sold out!

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Make sure you have received your notification that your order is ready if you're coming by for curbside pick-up. If you place several orders, please know that the notifications are automatic and the notice that your first order is ready doesn't mean your second or third is ready.
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