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Never before have we devoted an entire newsletter to an event, so trust us, this one is going to be a great one!  "Westland" opens May 13 from 6-9 p.m.  Take some time to read a little below about why this event is going to be so great!
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Featuring sculpture and sketches by Tim West, photography by Diana Michelle Hausam, mixed media collaborative work by West and Hausam.  Show opens Friday, May 13 from 6-9 p.m., with food, drinks and live music by Runaway Planet!!!  We will also be filming footage for an upcoming documentary by Hausam entitled "Westland" about Tim. 

Tim West, The Artist


Tim West, 74, of Winslow, Arkansas, has been producing artwork throughout his life.  At the age of 19, he had an etching accepted into the permanent collection of MOMA; in 1962 he received his MFA at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  When he was 32, he returned to his family's land in Winslow, and there he remains today.  West chooses to live an incredibly simple life, but he has constantly produced artwork and stored it around his property.  In many of his pieces, nature has added the finishing touches as seen in the aging of the works.  Come out to the show, and meet Tim West.  Before then, you can take a look at these links to learn a little more, and to get as excited as we are about hosting this event!!!  If you came out to see Tim's first show, "The Artist" with us in 2009, you know this is a must-see event!  Since then, he has been producing more work, and finding more work around his property.  We have also obtained numerous sculptures which will also be for sale at this event.


Artist Statement, images and more: www.timwestart.com

Keep track of everything: www.facebook.com/timwestart

A video of Tim drawing: http://youtu.be/80kSTN6YBqI


figure work

Diana Michelle Hausam
The filmmaker and photographer
  Solarization 1
Diana Michelle Hausam is an accomplished photographer from Northwest Arkansas.  Several years ago, she stumbled upon someone special -- Tim West.  She was out driving, looking for places to photograph when she noticed a fence made of bicycles.  This chance passing of Tim's property set her on the course she has been following ever since.  Her photographs documenting Tim West are just as strong as Tim's artwork and his story.  And, now Diana has embarked on a new mission -- the filming and launching of "Westland" the documentary film about Tim West!
To read more about Diana and her initial contact with Tim West, visit http://www.m2lr.com/Diana_Michelle_Hausam.html
For some footage that has been shot for use in the documentary, visit
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 runaway planet

Local bluegrass sensation "Runaway Planet" will be performing at the "Westland" art opening at M2 Gallery!

For more information on the band, click the logo!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support!  We hope to see you soon!

Mac, Ashley, Maddox, John, and Kim 
The M2 Family