The best PCB design software.
There's an old saying in the boating community, that if you ask 10 different people "What is the best anchor?" you'll get 15 different answers. Of course, the best answer is "It depends ..." Which brings us to this week's $64,000 question. What is the best PCB design software? Hopefully, it's what you use, but it could be what you would use if (insert reason here). Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, so let's hear yours!   

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Amateur Radio _ Not Just For the Nostalgic

It's no secret that amateur radio has been in decline for a while, hastened by the popularity of the Internet. It used to be an accomplishment to chat with someone in Africa or Japan. Plus, slow-scan TV was good for perhaps a frame every couple seconds. Today, all that's required for world-wide video and audio communications is a cell phone - not a room packed with powerful gear. I can remember calibrating my wall clock and oscillator circuits with signals from WWV at 5.0 MHz and 10.0 MHz. Today, of course, clocks with built-in receivers update the displayed time automatically.  
Technologic Systems - TS 4900 - Computer on Module Quad i.MX6 ARM CPU WiFi and Bluetooth
Confidently Using Interrupts In Your Microcontroller Project

Once you've become familiar with using interrupts, they will become like the heartbeat of your microcontroller code, the regular rhythm at the core of your project. You'll find that they aren't intimidating and you'll wonder how you ever wrote code without them. You will start designing your project around the interrupt and find that this simplifies the design and makes development faster.   
Robo Business - Advancing Business With Automation and AI
Build a Sump-Fill Level Controller

Whether you need to keep track of high or low fluid levels, these two versions of a level monitor - pressure sensing and ionic - will do the job without any moving parts, linkages, floats, or switches that can stick or fail.
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Capacitors _ The Family Tree

Open a parts vendor's catalog to the capacitor section and you'll find an amazing variety of choices. Why are there all these different types? Rest assured that there are perfectly good reasons for each. Find out why and how to tell what type is right for your project. 
I experiment a lot with novel logic circuits, and I am always scrambling to breadboard a clock circuit at the last minute to test my new brain child.
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Arduino Project Handbook Vol 2
Book Pick Of The Week
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