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I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful. My gift was my husband coming home after extensive back surgery. While home, he fell and went by ambulance to a hospital and then to rehab. I prepared a special dinner and was so excited to see him sitting at our table and enjoying his meal.

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February celebrated Valentine's Day and is Heart Health month.

Listen to Lori Ann Wood's story.

Lori Ann Wood

Lori Wood came to my clinic...with her husband pushing her in a wheelchair. I had a sinking feeling when I met her that she would not survive, despite all my years of training as a heart failure and transplant cardiologist," says Eileen Hsich, MD, Medical Director Heart Transplant, Cleveland Clinic.

A serious medical diagnosis took Lori Ann Wood on a faith detour she never saw coming. As a lifelong believer, she felt profound disappointment in the God she thought she knew. Divine Detour is the result of Lori Ann’s risky decision to embrace difficult questions.

Is this life all there is?

Is God always good?

Is God’s plan enough?

Come along on a forty-day journey deep into the heart of a God who often doesn’t behave as we’d like. You’ll learn to embrace the three questions every life encounters so your faith can thrive along your own inevitable detour.

A direct and compelling headline

I'm scheduled to interview Whitney on March 7th.

Meet author, Whitney Lane Ward.


Hadassah longs for a different life than what’s destined for her—betrothal, marriage, and childbearing. A destiny that suffocates her. She longs for adventure. And nothing satisfies her thirst for adventure more than her calling—being the shepherdess of her father’s flock. One night, a sickly maimed lamb is born to the flock, and Hadassah knows in her heart this lamb has a divine purpose.

Her faith in this promise guides her to name the lamb “Haste,” for this insignificant maimed lamb will live to do something significant. The animal heals Hadassah’s heart, and she slowly becomes open to love. It’s evident to everyone that Haste is not an ordinary lamb, not even Hadassah can imagine how special Haste is, for the birth of this lamb signals the countdown of the most historical event in the world.

Finishing a chapter of my life.

Yahweh Sisterhood Book Club is coming to an end.

I will be sharing over the next few months how after fifteen years, Yahweh Sisterhood Book Club is coming to an end. This has been in my heart for a while. Look at upcoming issues where God is leading me.

Check out my book and read some of the reviews below.

This is a great way to keep track of books you've read, shared, recipes, and much more. 

"This book was a gift. I love the idea of someday one of my children or grandchildren getting a glimpse into my life by reading the entries. Perhaps they will even choose to read some of the same books I read."

"Why didn't anyone think of this before? A wonderfully laid out book to record the books you read. Lines to record when you read it, genre, how you felt about it, iI you would recommend i, and more. There are some tempting recipes to try too."

"If you're an avid reader and you like to share books you've read with others, then this is the book for you. Jo Massaro has constructed this book like a "book diary" in which readers can track the books they've read and record personal notes about them. Not only that, but you can track your borrowed books and loaned books. Ingenious! If you're in a book club, I highly recommend purchasing. And the sprinkling of recipes throughout certainly adds a special touch."

"Why didn't someone think of this before? A wonderfully laid o read it, th ut to record the books you read. Lines to record when you read it, genre, how you felt about it,if you would recommend it, and more. There are some tempting reipes to try too.

Hint: This i s perfect for the book lover on your holiday list and maybe one for yu. I love it".


Penelope Childers

A Cry of the Heart

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