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FEBRUARY 11, 2019
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SEC: The 5 Important Things You Need to Know About ICOs

A thorough review of the key points the SEC has decided investors and market professionals need to be aware of when dealing with token offerings.

Crypto Exchanges are Rage-Quitting During 'Crypto Winter'

"If only the SEC was a more aggressive and responsible regulator, we might see the blockchain startups that have true viability left. No all altcoins are built equally. Not all blockchain startups are working on actual products..."

SEC Commissioner Discusses Innovation and Blockchain

"Known for her thoughtful commentary on the status quo and regulatory polemics, Peirce said that 'entrepreneurship and innovation do not have the happiest of relationships with regulation.'"

Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Walker Discusses the Nature of Sleep, and How to Hack it
  • One half of your brain won’t sleep as deeply as the other, when sleeping in a foreign environment, like a hotel room
  • “Sleep is the greatest legal performance enhancing drug that most people are probably neglecting”
  • One hour of iPhone use before bed will delay the onset of melatonin production by about 3 hours (your peak melatonin levels will also be about 50% less)
  • Your brain needs to drop its temperature 2-3 °F in order to sleep (so keep your room as cold as you can tolerate)
  • Men who sleep 5-6 hours a night will have a level of testosterone 6-10 years their senior
  • Humans beings are the only species that deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain. Mother nature has never faced the challenge of coming up with a safety net for lack of sleep.

Key Partnership Between Security Token Broker-Dealer and Cap Table Platform Announced

"Today, CEO of Vertalo, Dave Hendricks, announced the next step in an ongoing relationship between Vertalo and Entoro. This step will see investment bank, Entoro, integrate cap table and compliance services with their own platform – one which provides Offerboard and Clear Rating services."

A Group of Mt. Gox Creditors Wants to Revive the Exchange, Repay BTC

"The Mt. Gox exchange went under after a series of hacks and lawsuits in 2013 and 2014. These events led to the loss of approximately 850,000 Bitcoin (BTC). Since then, users who had their investments locked up at the exchange have been trying to get their funds back."

The Token Taxonomy Act: Is This the Turning Point for Digital Assets?

"According to the Token Taxonomy Act, to classify a cryptocurrency as a digital token and exempt it from being regulated as a security, four elements must be met: The term ‘digital token’ means a digital unit that..."

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