The Brain's Dark Side
Hello everyone,

You might be interested in this recent CBC broadcast on the brain's dark side:

This is a part of the brain called the default mode network, which could be orchestrating all networks during cognition and be responsible for our unique consciousness with a sense of self. It never rests and remains active in the background beyond thought activity. It is known to be damaged after psychological trauma, and rewiring it seems to help people with post-traumatic stress symptoms.

In the subjective domain this reminds us of the core practice of becoming aware of awareness itself, and the sense of nothingness/emptiness we discover in the deepest existential recesses of our being. Everybody with experience knows how healing it is to 'ground ourselves in Being' like that. Scientifically the question arises, whether this practice specifically targets this default mode network. My hunch is that it likely does more than that......


Dr. T.

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