Saturday, May 10, 2019

Anthropological evidence from societies around the world provides a difficult view of the relationship of the sexes.

The latest in a back-and-forth about the ideological positioning of the members of the IDW and their commitment to engagement with ultra-progressives.

What's a sensitivity reader? Publishers increasingly are obliged to use them to ensure your fiction adheres to the progressive strictures around identity.

As the value of higher education increasingly withers under scrutiny, what might be the alternatives?

Many Western feminists seemingly go out of their way to avoid the reality of abuse of women in the Muslim world.

Cathy Young gives us a portrait of the man through his works like Pale Fire, and explores the complex and evolving relationship we have with Lolita. C ould he be an unlikely survivor of memory-hole culture?

James Altucher's unforgiving take on politics asks us to be honest about ourselves and our gameshow system.

The perception persists that the US's main objective was access to oil. But the evidence before 2003 and the subsequent deals don't support the theory.

For all its power, science is limited in the questions it can answer and should not be considered philosophy.

A sobering look at the growing web of laws that may have good intentions but will have far-reaching negative consequences.

Our polarized and alienated reality is breathing new life into the old idea of civic virtue as the nucleus of a healthy society for people of all political stripes.
" Social isolation, racial distrust, distrust of institutions, extreme political polarization—these familiar problems have arguably become existential challenges. But they have also opened up space for a renewed focus on matters of personal and civic virtue, civil society, social capital, and community."

John R. Wood, Jr. in The Communitarian Revival

Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

With creative endeavours these days, we need to be quite militant

In portraying others' lived experience, we can't be too vigilant

If you want to write about someone who isn't identical to you

You must get the official go-ahead from representatives of that crew

The film A Dog's Journey, for example, I must demand its removal...


Some of our best on your headphones.

This week, Greg Ellis reads   I Was the Mob Until the Mob Came for Me , Barrett Wilson’s essay about how he went from being a respected social justice crusader to driving for a food delivery app after being targeted by online activists on Twitter.

Jonathan Kay talks to the 800m-runner-turned-academic about the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s rejection of Caster Semenya’s appeal. As a result of the decision, Semenya will not be able to compete in women’s middle distance events unless she chemically alters her testosterone level.

Doriane Labelet Coleman also wrote an expansive article about the case for  Quillette .

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A note from Claire Lehmann about what animates our mission from February of this year.

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