July 15, 2020
Dear Friends,
Tens of millions of Americans lack access to safe drinking water. Increased scrutiny following the Flint, Michigan crisis revealed that in communities nationwide, lead in pipes and plumbing is leaching into drinking water and creating a serious public health problem.

Right here in New Jersey, lead service lines carry water into an estimated 10 percent of private homes, threatening the health of hundreds of thousands of New Jersey families, especially those in communities of color and low-income communities. Like so many critical services today, access to clean water is an issue of equity.

New Jersey Future, together with Jersey Water Works, has been coordinating and leading efforts over the past several years to remove these harmful lead service lines. We have a long way to go, but these efforts are paying off. The City of Newark has already replaced 12,000 lead service lines since March of last year, continuing this important work even during the pandemic. And Governor Murphy and legislative leaders have announced comprehensive strategies to eliminate lead in New Jersey drinking water within 10 years based on ground-breaking solutions offered by the Jersey Water Works Lead in Drinking Water Task Force.

As we work toward an equitable recovery over the coming months, New Jersey Future is focused on creating healthy, strong, resilient communities for everyone. Investing in safe and resilient water infrastructure and ensuring the affordability of clean water for everyone are two of these priorities. We hope you will join us in our efforts to build a stronger future for all New Jerseyans.

Toward clean water for everyone,

Peter Kasabach
Executive Director
In December of 2020, Jersey Water Works will launch an online data dashboard to tell the story of New Jersey’s water and sewer systems. This web-based dashboard is being designed for a wide variety of users and will provide a range of metrics that is easy to understand.
"As we move toward reopening and recovery, the government response to COVID-19 must assure a clean water future for all communities in New Jersey. And we can do so while growing New Jersey’s economy and creating thousands of much needed jobs."

In this op-ed featured on NJ.com, New Jersey Future Managing Director of Policy and Water Chris Sturm makes the case for the importance of investing in our water infrastructure now for a healthier future.
New Jersey Future is proud to be an inaugural member of the important and growing Rise to Resilience coalition, a group of New Jersey and New York residents, leaders in the business, labor, and justice communities, volunteer organizations, scientists, and environmental advocates.
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