The church in crisis and the moral degradation of our times

Attacks on churches are on the increase. The culture is turning increasingly hostile towards Christians and the church. According to a recent Gallup Poll, church membership of Americans has fallen for the first time below 50%. Gallup has been conducting these polls for the past eight decades, since 1937. For decades, church affiliation for most Americans was at 73%. In 2021 it had fallen to just 47%. In a recent Barna poll, it was found that 62% of pastors lack a Biblical worldview. They have left the orthodoxy of the faith and have turned to a more progressive approach, a hybrid of beliefs. In Ohio and across the country, church attendance has fallen drastically in the last few years. One Ohio research group, updating its church listing among evangelical churches in 2022, found that in just one year 483 churches closed. If the times seem dark, it's not your imagination. Here to discuss the problem and to review the numbers and what they mean on today's roundtable are Pastor John Coats and Pastor Al Davis.