Fall is a time for new beginnings – and a great time to make a change to your safety culture. Check out the new joint H&S campaign from Atlantic Canada, and the new Steps for Life video.
Paulette couldn’t ‘fix’ the grief over her brother’s death
In hindsight, the steps to prevent many work-related injuries and deaths seem so obvious. Take Tommy Raymond’s death for example. He was a supervisor on a container pier when he dropped a lock and it rolled under a transport truck. Trying to pick it up, he fell and was pulled under the truck’s wheels when it moved. The solution? After his death the company required drivers to do a walk-around of their trucks before they moved them. Tommy’s sister Paulette – like many families of workplace tragedy – is relieved to think that what happened to her brother won’t happen to another worker. Paulette writes “I'm a ‘fixer’ and this one time...when I needed it most...I couldn't fix this . ” Hindsight may be 20/20, but foresight is far better. Are circle checks standard for all mobile equipment and vehicles in your workplace? Apply some foresight now! 
Workplace injuries hurt the most at home
A new health and safety campaign has been launched this fall by the four workplace compensation organizations in Atlantic Canada. Three television ads capture the ripple effects of a workplace tragedy – those little family moments you never realize are important until they’re gone. Threads of Life families were asked to provide early input on the new ad campaign, and the agencies involved – all partners of Threads of Life – are offering information for families who’ve been personally affected by a work-related tragedy. Thanks to the campaign partners: Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia , WorksafeNB , WorkplaceNL , Workers Compensation Board of PEI .
Unscripted: New promotional video for Steps for Life
When we set out to make a new video for Steps for Life this year , we knew what we wanted to achieve (letting more walkers, volunteers and sponsors know about our great event!) but not necessarily how we would say it. No need to worry. When our video producer, Nicholas Bradford-Ewart from Archipelago Productions attended several Steps for Life walks last spring, he spoke to participants and volunteers – and they each had a powerful story about what Steps for Life means to them. Thank you, everyone! We couldn’t have said it better.
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