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The group is supporting my bill to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns.

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Pollack: Faster pace needed on climate change
Commonwealth Magazine
Carbon pricing is the most effective step we can take to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions

The Washington Post
The  Climate Leadership Council announced  its founding members, a group of companies, opinion leaders and nongovernmental organizations have joined forces to promote a consensus climate solution based on carbon dividends. 

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Dear Friend,

Thanks to State Senate President Stan Rosenberg, who designates individual Senators to concentrate on various issues, I'm now Senate Chair of the Legislature's  Committee on Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities. 

My public responsibilities -- and opportunities -- have grown.  So I spoke recently to  the Boston Green Ribbon Commission, a group of business, institutional, and civic leaders, about the importance of local action when it comes to climate change. 

I appeared, as well, before the Energy & Sustainability Leadership Council of the Boston Chamber of Commerce, where we discussed the importance of business engagement on carbon pricing.

Later in the month, my Energy Committee held a public hearing on  my bill, S.1821, An Act combating climate change.  

In a packed auditorium, we heard testimony from prominent economists, faith leaders, business people, and concerned citizens, all making the case for the need to price carbon.   Members of Clean Water Action, Climate Action Now, and Climate XChange came out in force, highlighting how urgent action is needed to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 

So far the bill has 64 co-sponsors, nearly a third of all Massachusetts legislators.  Thank you for helping me with this.  I'm encouraged.

Sen. Mike Barrett
Lexington powers on
Municipal government in Lexington will generate a whopping 30% of its electricity from a humongous solar array.  An engineering feat built atop an old landfill, the farm is expected to bring $13 million in savings and $8 million in health benefits. A big tip of the hat to town leaders and the Sustainable Lexington Committee.
Help for local rivers
During the Senate debate on the state budget, I inserted a $25,000 amendment to test the water quality of three local rivers -- the Concord, the Assabet and the Sudbury.

The funding will help OARS, a local community organization, carry out water quality monitoring. Dedicated volunteers wade hip-deep into local rivers to collect samples. The resulting data will inform future decisions about water pollution.

During the same debate, I succeeded in having a number of other amendments adopted
  • $100,000 for the Disabled Persons Protection Commission, which runs a hotline for reports of abuse and neglect.
  • Funds for the Detention Diversion Advocacy Program, which aims to prevent young people from re-entering the juvenile justice system.   
  • Money for Waltham's WATCH Community Development Corporation, to help support its free housing clinic.

Honoring our armed forces
"When you're a soldier, it doesn't matter what first motivated you to enlist.  For your family, community, and nation, you put everything at risk."

On Memorial Day in Bedford, I took part in proceedings to honor our active duty military and our veterans.