Sunday, April 28, 2019

If the IDW wants to get to solutions through discourse, can it continue to focus on the far-left fringe of progressivism?

One former student was so shocked by what he believed to be arrogant intellectual bullying at his elite liberal arts college, he recorded the proceedings and left.

Paulina Neuding questions the environment created for the famous activist by the adults tasked with protection.

Given the complex science at the heart of global warming, is activism a wise use of our children's time?

The great philosopher's ideas on the complexity of individualism keep conservatives and liberals on their toes even today.

One woman who has struggled with the realities of being clinically obese says bad health information isn't excused by good intentions.

When false claims are used as a weapon in a campaign of harassment, a life can be forever altered even when the system sets things right.

A leftist criticizes the big debate between Slavoj Žižek and Jordan Peterson and believes Žižek deserves more.

Modern poet societies are increasingly demanding purity tests and ejecting from the tribe those who fail.

Sumantra Maitra reviews Victor Davis Hanson's surprising new book, The Case for Trump , which explores the topography that got America to this political moment.

When the cult of personality meets those who implement policy, the results might be more predictable than we imagine, according to Max Weber and other thinkers.
"The danger for the IDW members is to think that they’re ideology-free while holding to a very distinct classical liberal ideology, and rationalising that apparent contradiction by convincing themselves that the left, which has largely moved on from classical liberalism, has simply gone crazy."

Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

Before believing it's helpful

For kids to skip school for the climate

Consider the wisdom level

That surely must be behind it

If I'd been an activist at 16

I would have made your head spin

As leader of an airtight regime based on the songs of...


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This week, Confessions of a ‘Soulless Troglodyte’ is an account of estrangement from the New York literary community following the election of Donald Trump by Lester Berg.