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May 2020
  • Introduction: All about Perspective
  • From our Blog: The Day My Perspective Changed on Child Safety
  • May Special: 5 steps of Plan to Protect® and COVID-19 Special
  • FAQ: Can I train people online myself?
  • Special Interest: Overnight Housing
  • Complimentary webinar: Standing in the Gap with a Greater Understanding of Abuse
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All About Perspective
Do you remember as a child looking at a kaleidoscope, and seeing the image change viewing the image from a different perspective?  

Today we are looking at life and work from a different perspective. We are being told nothing will ever be the same again! Have you had those ah-ha moments when life changes so drastically for you? For me, an example of a pivotal moment that changed the trajectory of my life was when my perspective changed about child safety. I have included my story for you here -- I trust it will inspire and challenge you.  

During the month of May, we will continue to support your efforts in shifting your activities to caring for your community during COVID-19 while still fulfilling your vision and mission.  

Join us on May 26th for an upcoming webinar on Abuse Awareness during COVID-19. We will be focusing on the increase in risks of abuse among children, youth and the elderly at this time. We will have a number of guest presenters speaking on this topic.  

We hear many of you are taking this opportunity to sharpen your skills and address the gaps in your safeguarding. As many of you are aware Plan to Protect® has a proven strategy for safeguarding. Some of you have taken shortcuts along the way. To date, we have sold over 20,000 copies of Plan to Protect® manual, have certified 4,500 trainers, and 1,800 administrators. There is no better time than ever to STOP and take the Plan to Protect® assessment and identify the gaps in your program. For that reason, we are extending our COVID-19 Special to the end of May.  


Melodie Bissell, CEO at Plan to Protect ®
The Latest from Our Blog
The Day My Perspective Changed on Child Safety
by Melodie Bissell
Often the impetus for implementing abuse prevention and safety within our organization is either qualifying for insurance or reacting to allegations or incidents of abuse. This perspective leaves many organizations feeling like abuse prevention is something they HAVE to implement, another thing on a to-do list. 
What if we approach protection not from a place of obligation or requirement to satisfy our insurance company but from a place of caring? What would this approach look like? A caring approach to parents, children, youth, vulnerable adults, victim-survivors of abuse, offenders who have served time, our volunteers and our staff?

 Leading up to this point, I had served as a children’s pastor and as an Executive Director for a children's charity.  If someone had asked me if I protect children, I would have responded that I
integrated child safety into my programs.  

But did I?
New This Month
Have you seen Plan to Protect®'s

This month, we are offering the first step of our five (5) steps of Plan to Protect® Strategy FREE with the purchase of our two certification trainings (second step). These five steps will ensure you have a strong Plan to Protect® in place. 
On top of this, we are offering our certification at a DISCOUNTED PRICE: $487.50 plus tax. (Value $795 – savings of over $300)***
Q: Can we provide Plan to Protect ® Orientation or Refresher trainings to our leaders via platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or Facebook Live? 

A: Both the copyright guidelines in the manual and the  terms and conditions of  training Plan to Protect ®  content stipulates that the training must be live, and that you are not not permitted to deliver or distribute any of the content online.   

(Question 8s of our Frequently Asked Questions).
April Special... extended!
COVID-19 Response Resources

Because we truly value the safety and well-being of our community, we are extending one of last month's specials.

We are closely monitoring information about the coronavirus (COVID-19), and want to share our resources with you. Sign up on our resource page for information and special discounts.
***No other discounts apply.
Training Highlights
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Overnight Housing
Special Interest Webinar

Time to plan ahead! How do you keep kids safe when camping or in hotels? How many leaders do you need? Should leaders be in the same room as kids? Let’s "Plan to Protect ®" during overnight events! 

This webinar is designed for youth workers, teachers, administrators, supervisors, and parents. This webinar will address best practices for billeting, hosting, hotels, and camping. It will outline protocols to keep people safe. 

$30+tax per webinar
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Plan to Protect ® Standing in the Gap with a Greater Understanding of Abuse
Complimentary Webinar

Jenna Quinn, author of Pure in Heart, was abused by a close family friend. Her mother was a teacher and a very devoted parent. However, Jenna's mother was not aware of the indicators of abuse, nor did she fully understand the prevalence of abuse. Because of this, she didn't recognize the signs that her daughter was being abuse. Did you know insurance companies require you to have a policy outlining the definition of abuse to qualify for abuse coverage? This webinar will help us all get on the same page when it comes to understanding abuse. The webinar will assist professionals working with children, youth or vulnerable adults to best protect the vulnerable sector with adequately defining abuse and inappropriate interaction with others. We will talk about how to define and discern every type of abuse, and how you can better educate parents, your staff and volunteers on how to spot abuse. Let’s "Plan to Protect" ® !


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