Four years ago today, the nuclear resurgence was submerged by a surge of natural forces. It was a vivid reality check that wiped away our faith in man's feeble and arrogant claims of unquestionable safety. It was the beginning of the end of nuclear power which continues to shrink today. As radiation flows from Fukushima into the world's oceans and atmosphere, nations grapple with a new reality; we simply cannot "trust the experts" any longer.

And yet we are counting on the same industry that has failed for the past fifty years to produce the overpromised safe storage system for radioactive particles that will continue to haunt the natural world for thousands of years to come. Time is running out. We only have temporary storage containers that were designed to last no more than thirty years. They all have the same relative expiration date and when they begin to fail they may become immoveable, on sites like San Onofre, which were never intended to become permanent nuclear waste facilities.

How do we address such an insurmountable dilemma?  By standing shoulder to shoulder with our friends and neighbors to demand realistic and morally responsible solutions. We can't continue to allow a profit driven industry to dictate solutions which benefit them primarily. There are clean, renewable alternatives that have a wide margin for profitability and safety with minimal consequences if they fail. These can fill the void left from the increasing number of decommissioned nuclear power plants. It is up to us, as consumers and voters, to abandon old technology, deal as best we can with the waste issue and encourage utility companies to embrace the inescapable need for responsible change.  

It comes down to the triple bottom line, an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental and financial. These three divisions are also called the three Ps: people, planet and profit, or the "three pillars of sustainability". Using these guiding principles, we can address many of society's ills in a way that everyone wins. It only takes solidarity and conviction to do what is right for the greater good.  Together we can and will accomplish amazing things. We have done so in the past and we must do so now more than ever. Stay involved, take action, support good alternatives, and respectfully challenge the authorities with sound reason and informed questions.

Today, in the wake of Fukushima, we must remember and honor the suffering that continues in Japan. Let's call upon our better selves to turn this global tragedy into a truly remarkable renaissance based on the triple bottom line. San Clemente Green, Version 2.0, is under development and we will be sending out a survey seeking your input in the near future. Together we can turn crisis into opportunity. Stay tuned for more to come!