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by Terry Newman
Drawing on the sociological work of Emile Durkheim and Robert Putnam, Terry Newman explores the deadly phenomenon of anomie in young lonely men.

by Simon Leitch
Recent scuffles broke out at the University of Queensland between pro-Hong Kong and pro-Beijing protestors. Simon Leitch takes a deep dive into what went on, and what it suggests about China's increasing soft power.

by Daniel James Sharp
Thirty years after the fatwa was issued against Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses', Daniel James Sharp takes a retrospective look at the cultural importance of the novel.

Toby Young talks to Bruce Gilley, professor of political science at Portland State, about not being able to get his course on conservative political thought approved by his faculty.

by Greg Ashman
Greg Ashman reviews  The Knowledge Gap: The hidden causes of America’s broken education system—and how to fix it , by Natalie Wexler: a new book which diagnoses the problems of progressive education ideology.

by Kay Hymowitz
Historically, sexual relationships with adolescent girls have not always been considered criminal, or even immoral. Kay Hymowitz explains how early women's movements made it a moral imperative to protect young girls from sexual predation.

by Kevin Mims
Sacramento writer, Kevin Mims, reflects why journalists in the mainstream press reacted with such hostility to his last piece for Quillette, in which he wrote about enjoying his work in an Amazon warehouse.

The Children of the Revolution by James David Banker

Greg Ellis reads  The Children of the Revolution , James David Banker’s essay about China’s cultural revolution.
by Matt Johnson
A review of Stephen Walt's most recent critique of US foreign policy.

by Amber Scorah
Amber Scorah reflects on the peculiarities of her life as a child in a Jehovah's Witness family.

by Sky Gilbert
Sky Gilbert argues that the new gender identity movements are erasing the sexual dimension of what it means to be gay and lesbian.