Saturday, April 13, 2019

Across the Western world a new feudalism is building. Are home ownership and retirement savings a thing of the past?

Can traditionalism in visual art be exciting? Many postmodern representational painters are creating modern mash-ups that are less radical at a glance.

A critique of the author's body of work, including his new novel, Sérotonine. If his unflinching vision captures Europe's zeitgeist, God help us all.

The transgender debate and the two sides that feel that what's at stake is the very heart of being human.

Peterson critics pejoratively call him a man out of time. Others see his timeless masculinity as a way forward.

Panhandling can have a "broken window" effect on a community and is often an organized enterprise.

Borrowing and mixing is at the heart of any new music. Will forgetting that make the arts fall fallow?

A psychology professor makes the case that you don't need believe in a traditional God to be religious.

Scientists accept evolutionary theory but aren't as certain about evolutionary psychology. Is this an ideological rift?

Male altruism often takes the shape of providing for a family. Those that dismiss it as oppressive are missing the whole story.
"The erosion of upward mobility threatens a deepening conflict between the middle orders and the elites. It also threatens the future of liberal democracy. A strong landowning middle order has been essential in democracies from ancient Athens and the Roman and Dutch Republics to contemporary Europe, North America, and Australia." 

Headline Rhymes
Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

The kids used to rock 'n' roll

Now they badger and scold

Tell us cross-pollination

Is "in-appropriation"

It's the making of a music black hole

Quillette comes alive! Veteran actor Greg Ellis has come on board to produce narrated versions of some of our readers' favourite Quillette articles.
This week Greg reads  The Public Humiliation Diet , Toby Young’s account of losing five positions after being targeted by a Twitter outrage mob at the beginning of 2018. It was originally published on July 23, 2018.


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