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Dear Cathedral,

In just over a week, on Sunday, February 7 at 11 a.m., we will gather for our first virtual Annual Meeting. This will be a time of reflection and celebration. Though these days have been very hard, our community has been serving Christ in ways that are miraculous.

The meeting will last under one hour. You will hear the results of the elections (don’t forget to vote, check your email!), break into small groups to talk about your experience during the pandemic, and watch a film of the leaders of the church speaking about 2020 and what’s ahead. We will see a beautiful slide show and pray together for those who have died.

This hour will give us a chance to pause and reflect. I can’t wait to see you, even if it’s just on a screen. Join me and let’s give thanks for this past year and talk about the future together.

In Christ’s love

2021 Annual Meeting Going Virtual
February 7 | 11 a.m. | Zoom
A Message from Dean Kate About the Annual Meeting
Candidates and Voting Eligibility
Voting for Vestry and Convention Delegates has started and all eligible voters should have received their ballots via email. Voters have until midnight, February 1st, to submit their ballots. Each ballot link is unique and can only be used once. No emails If there needs to be a run-off a second voting link will be sent out for February 2nd - February 4th.

Voter Qualifications:
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a Baptized Member or Confirmed Communicant with your letter of membership at St. John's Cathedral.
  • Have been a member for at least 6 months.
  • Be a pledging member.
  • Be current on your pledge.
  • Have your own individual email address listed in Realm.

Results of the election will be announced at the annual meeting on February 7th.
Update to St. John's Parishioners from CD-J
What’s coming soon to your church neighborhood and why!

Starting very soon you will see small signs placed in St. John’s parking lot on the corner of E. Church and Market St. On behalf of St. John’s, CDJ negotiated an 18 month lease with the company that is building new apartments coming to the District. You can see their construction activity on Ashley St. The 25 parking places are for temporary parking, Monday-Friday, 6AM-5PM, for sub-contractors building Ashley Square. St. John’s will benefit from this with monthly payments from the contractors.

There are 15 spaces being held out along the perimeter of the lot facing Church and Market St. for church employees and parishioners. The unleased spaces as always, are open to St. John’s for services and formal events, (see the map above).

Cathedral District-Jax, Inc., is an independent 501c3, with a Board of 15 members representing all 5-churches, businesses, community leaders and resident stakeholders. As CDJ facilitates more residential apartments and homes to be built in the District one of the signs of success will be reuse of surface parking lots. Parking lots are 50% of the 36 blocks of the Cathedral District. This may sound like a big challenge but actually it is a big opportunity! Assembling these underused lots can be a wonderful gift for all the churches towards attracting residents to the District and creating a healthy neighborhood.

The negotiations for this lease fulfill a goal of the Vestry and Dean Kate to creatively use our assets for church revenue. There is much more in the planning stages. I promise to keep you all apprised of them as they materialize.

Ginny Myrick
Cathedral District-Jax, Inc.
Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
January 31, 2021
8 a.m. | Social Distance Holy Eucharist
Cathedral Nave*
9 a.m. | Faith Forum
9 a.m. | Godly Play
SJC Parent's Facebook Group
10 a.m. | Social Distance Holy Eucharist Cathedral Nave*
10 a.m. | Virtual Worship | Watch Here
11:30 a.m. | Inquirers' Series
*All in-person meetings held at the Cathedral require wearing a mask and following social distance procedures.

Note that any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19. While we have taken great care to sanitize all surfaces and follow safety guidelines, we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit.
Please drop off your donations now through Sunday, January 31.
A collection bin will be located in the cloister each Sunday and just outside Ingram during the week.
Drop Your Drawers!
Men's Underwear Drive for Sulzbacher Center
The Outreach Council is sponsoring an Underwear Drive for MEN’S NEW UNDERWEAR through January 31. The items contributed will be distributed to men at the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless.
If you have any questions, please email or call me at (904) 382-8981.

This is a great socially distanced but intimate opportunity!

Brooks Moore
Outreach Council
St. John's Youth to Sell Native Fresh Greens after Church
Our amazing youth are partnering with Native Fresh, a commercial aquaponics farm located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville and an initiative of FreshMinistries. The SJC Youth Group will be selling fresh greens and maybe some vegetables on Sunday mornings after each service. Look for them in the breezeway by the iron gates on Market Street. All funds raised will go towards scholarships for our youth to attend retreats and mission trips. We’ll be following all social distance protocols so please wear a mask.
Join Realm: Our Online Community
Have you logged in to Realm? Join us in our groups where you can participate in discussions, share pictures, and download your giving statements for your taxes!
Altar Flowers
To donate flowers for the altar, please contact Teresa Mason at or at 904.545.7745.
Thank You for Your On-going Support
We are so grateful to all who have pledged so generously. Thank you! If you have not pledged, there is still time to do so. Send in your pledge card or pledge online today.
Happy Birthday!
Sunday, January 31
Holt Graves, Elizabeth Spicer,
Vicky Stedman

Monday, February 1
Philip Milo, Allen Thakkar, Shanon West

Tuesday, February 2
Joannie Newton, Laurie Kincart

Wednesday, February 3
Ronnie Welch, Blake Bachara,
Kay Lynn Crews, Rachel Uitti,
Peter Marino
Thursday, February 4
Austin Maida, Anita Dunford,
Emily Kristansen, Michalyn Palmer

Friday, February 5
Laurie Naugle, David Jackson

Saturday, February 6
Marlo Hunt, Charles Stark, Allen Todd, Shelly Smith, Emily Sullivan

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Sunday, January 31, 2021
The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany

8 a.m. Holy Eucharist: Social Distance Worship
Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Bob Dannals

10 a.m. Holy Eucharist: Social Distance Worship
Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Bob Dannals

10 a.m. Holy Eucharist: Virtual Service
Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Bob Dannals

1 p.m. Arabic Service: Facebook Live
Preacher: The Rev. Canon Raja Zabaneh

Don't Miss a Virtual Service:
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