Volume 13 | November 17th, 2020
U.S. Army Medical Department Museum Earns Reaccreditation!
It is the Foundation’s great pleasure to announce that the U.S. Army Medical Department Museum has been awarded the highly coveted Reaccreditation award by the American Alliance of Museums. Accreditation is an achievement few Museums reach. Of the over 35,000 museums in the US, only 1,060 are accredited! And in San Antonio, there are only three other accredited museums - the Witte, the McNay, and the San Antonio Museum of Art. This accomplishment puts our AMEDD Museum in some exemplary company indeed!

What Does It Mean?
According to the Accreditation Commission, “Reaccreditation means the museum continues to meet National Standards and Best Practices for U.S. Museums and remains a member of a community of institutions that have chosen to hold themselves publicly accountable to excellence. Through a rigorous process of self-assessment and review by its peers, the museum has shown itself to be a good steward of its resources held in the public trust and committed to a philosophy of continual institutional growth.” Additionally, the Commission’s letter stated “Accredited museums are looked up to as leaders in the field”. 
How did it happen?
Working since 2016, the Museum Director, George C. Wunderlich and his talented and hard working staff exerted a herculean effort to achieve this feat. With the help of your Foundation, the Museum staff overcame numerous challenges to include policy and material needs, as well as issues of infrastructure and staffing. The reaccreditation involved multiple visits from inspectors over the last several years as well as a rigorous review of the Museum’s policies, strategic plans, and internal operations. Along the way, the Commission found much to admire. The inspectors particularly valued the Museum’s work to “broaden the museum’s appeal beyond the military audience and engage community resources and leaders in planning.” The Commission was also pleased to hear about the recent IMLS grant and matching funds to be used towards making the museum more accessible to the general public. 
Your Foundation Played a Role
From the beginning and throughout the reaccreditation process, your Foundation played a key role. Based on Museum staff requests, the Foundation invested funds to buy supplies and construction materials to improve displays and invested time and experience in helping the staff update policies and strategic plans. Members of the Executive Committee met with the Accreditation Inspectors to discuss the Foundation’s relationship, support, and vision for the future of the Museum. The Accreditation Commission was especially impressed with the positive and supportive relationship between the Foundation and the Museum staff. They noted the plans to open to the public and the impressive work the Foundation has accomplished in fund raising to make this important goal possible. 
Next up?
To help ensure that accredited museums maintain their level of professional performance they must undergo periodic reaccreditation reviews. The museum’s next Self-Study is due November 1, 2029.

Congratulations to the George and AMEDD Museum staff! And thanks to all the supporters of the AMEDD Museum Foundation as well. The AMEDD Museum is truly a Museum we can be proud of and your support was critical in making this Reaccreditation happen. 
In other news...your Foundation Executive Committee attends the Army Museum Enterprise's first Symposium for Non-Profits
On October 29, members of the Foundation’s Executive Committee attended an on-line symposium hosted by the Army Museum Enterprise (AME). The AME, which falls under the Center of Military History, is now in the line of control over all Army Museum's to include our AMEDD Museum. The Symposium lasted most of a day and had over 120 attendees from non-profit organizations, like the Foundation, that support Army museums around the country. Topics included the Center for Military History’s Annual Plan, the AME’s structure and vision, and an introduction and quick overview from each of the non-profits attending. Our Foundation President Herb Coley presented your Foundation’s mission and vision, facts about the Foundation, the Capital Campaign, and some of our challenges to a nationwide audience. Later we took notes on tips from a Round Table discussion from a half dozen Museum non-profits on their Best Practices. It was well worth the time investment to hear of the challenges and successes of other Museum support organizations and to jot down some names to follow up with later to tap into the vast amount of experience available in support of Army museums. 
Museum Update from Director George Wunderlich
Times are truly strange and challenging here at the AMEDD Museum. COVID has kept us short staffed since March with most of the employees teleworking at the request of the Commanding General. In addition, our funding and direct command is moving to the Center for Military History on 8 November. Between short staffing and reams of paperwork for the command change you might think that it has been a down time for renovation work. You would be happily wrong!

For the next few issues we will be filling you all in on the ongoing work we have undertaken this year to improve every aspect of the Museum. Painting, power washing, exhibit and lighting upgrades, new exhibits, and more. There are too many photos to put in a single issue. Please know that the Museum staff is dedicated to overcoming ALL obstacles to growth and improvement. We believe each and every AMEDD Soldier, Veteran, and civilian deserves the best and we are here to deliver…without excuse. Enjoy the photos and keep an eye out for many more. 
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