Volume 12 | October 9th, 2020
What's Happening Behind the Museum's Closed Doors?
The answer is... lots of things! But before we get into details, here is the latest on the Museum's closure. Based on guidance from the Joint Base San Antonio Commander, the Museum will remain closed for now. No re-opening date has been set or announced. As soon as we know something, we'll get the word out. Meanwhile the Museum staff has been very busy reorganizing and updating galleries, rotating artifacts, and attending to minor maintenance issues throughout the complex. As you can see from the photo the staff is creating new educational signage. We can all look forward to an improved visitor experience when our favorite Museum does reopen.  
Museum to get new friendly public webpage
Another project that has been long overdue, is providing the AMEDD Museum with a more user friendly public webpage. That goal is now close to reality. Based on funding from the Museum Foundation, Top Sarge, a web page design contractor, and the Museum staff are putting final touches on the new site. The site should be up and running by year's end. Like most popular civilian Museum sites, it will include the history and other facts about the Museum, how to plan a visit (when we reopen!), digital tours of some of the Galleries and art, a place to announce special events, and links to other Army medical and military sites, and of course, a link to the Foundation and Gift Shop webpages.
AMEDD Museum shares artifacts and stories about the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 with the Express-News. 
On Sunday, September 27, the Express-News ran a full page article focused on some 1918 flu pandemic artifacts contained within the collections at the Witte Museum and the Army Medical Museum. Did you know that the first Spanish Flu cases in San Antonio were diagnosed on September 30, 1918 at Camp Travis, adjacent to Fort Sam Houston? Museum Director, George Wunderlich, shared a number of facts, stories, and photos of artifacts in the AMEDD Museum related to that earlier pandemic. If you missed the story, click on the link for the full story. 
This custom tailored uniform belonged to Dr. Rufus Cole, who did pneumonia research at Fort Sam Houston.
This type of hospital gown, shown at the AMEDD Museum, was worn by Spanish flu patients.
What has the Museum Foundation staff been up to? Well how about coordinating a visit to the Museum by the Army Surgeon General!  
The Army Surgeon General, LTG R. Scott Dingle, visited the AMEDD Museum on 12 September 2020. Members of the Foundation Executive Committee escorted him around the Museum familiarizing him with the Foundation's Capital Campaign plans to include the new Public Access entry. LTG Dingle expressed keen interest and intent in supporting us on this project. 
Quarterly Board Meeting Cancelled
The Quarterly AMEDD Museum Foundation Board of Directors Meeting scheduled for 24 October 2020 will be cancelled.  Although consideration was given to conducting the meeting via ZOOM Conferencing, it was decided that not all Directors may have access to Information Technology to join in on the meeting.  The next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for 22 January 2021.  Holding that meeting in a face-to-face environment at the Museum will be determined by the restrictions associated with COVID-19 that may be in place at that time. Stand by for the final decision on the January meeting. 

Ready to do some holiday shopping?  
Don't forget that the Museum Gift Shop is available on line! Operational throughout the COVID closure, our Gift Shop Manager, Gilda Cling, has been busy processing on-line orders. You can access the Gift Shop link from the AMEDD Museum Foundation webpage https://www.ameddmuseumfoundation.org or directly at https://ameddgiftshop.org.  
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