Volume 22 | September 17, 2021
Foundation Achieves Major Milestone on Capital Campaign
On September 7th, the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force approved the Foundation’s offer to enhance the AMEDD Museum’s value to the military and the nation through major Capital Campaign improvements.

The words of the Deputy Secretary of the Air Force say it best:
“On behalf of the men and women of the United States Air Force, I want to thank the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Museum Foundation for offering to donate the construction of facilities and improvements at JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX, to the United States of America as a gift. The proposed improvements will enhance the abilities of the existing museum to educate military members, their families, veterans and the public on the contributions military medicine has made to our country, as well as the sacrifices of our military medical personnel over our nation’s history."

- Robert E. Moriarty
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations  
Specifically, the Foundation’s offer contains Phase 1 elements of the Capital Campaign - the creation of a public access portal and improved fencing around the grounds. A public entrance to the Museum - through which visitors will not have to engage normal Joint Base security requirements for access - has been of particular importance and interest to the City of San Antonio as an additional tourism draw. 
Next Steps?   
Now that the dog has caught the car, proverbially speaking, what’s next? The next steps include renewed emphasis on completing the fund raising needed to complete this Phase 1 work. More on this in a future issue.

Finally, for all of you that have provided your unstinting support over the years, thank you. As the letter from Deputy Assistant Secretary Moriarty states in the final paragraph:

“The United States Air Force is enormously grateful for your latest act of kindness that continues the distinguished legacy of the AMEDD Museum Foundation. Thank you for your enduring support of our members of the Armed Forces.”

These words apply directly to YOU - your enduring support and your kindness - these will forever be your legacy. 
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