HAPPY Fourth of July

2nd Quarter News from Bucksnort

2021 Statistics

Men Housed - 262

Men employed - 295

Child Support Paid - $26,672.27

Taxes Paid - $258,933.02

Court Costs Paid - $7,070.13


Men Housed - 75

Men Employed - 55

Baptisms for the Quarter - 15 

Graduates for the Quarter - 28

Letter from the Director - Chris Somerville

Good day and many blessings from all the staff at Safe Harbor of Bucksnort. Through these changing times we have fared quite well and will not stop our primary focus: Reaching out to those at their lowest through the power of the Highest.

My name is Chris Somerville and I am the Director for the Bucksnort facility. We are constantly on the move here; looking for new ways to improve and brighten up the property. 

Each department head is focused on their tasks while wearing other hats assisting each other to better serve our men. Michael Hudson, our Reliable Coordinator, works tirelessly to vet our clients and place them in the best possible job. Deeply ingrained in the recovery community is Mr. Russell. He networks with courts, probation/parole officers, lifelines, rehabilitation centers, and word of mouth to extend Safe Harbor's hand to men in need.  Chaplain George Vanzandbergen is a friend, a counselor, a pastor, and a shoulder to lean on. I have seen him build good rapport with the clients. Those relationships he builds are priceless and are a good start for moving forward.

Here in Bucksnort we are striving to help each man with: Knowing God, Finding Freedom, Discovering their Purpose and Making a Difference. Those core principles are a substantial foundation to build upon. To anyone reading this, if there is someone that you know needing our program, please feel free to call upon us. 

My direct cell as Director: 

Chris Somerville 931-994-9586

Admissions Coordinator:

Brain Russell 731-318-0843

Regional Director:

Jonathan Newcomb 949-510-8960

God Bless you and may peace be upon you and your families in Jesus Christ's name.

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Celebration Sunday - June

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month!

Congratulations to our Client of the Month!

Congratulations to our Client Volunteer of the Month!

Congratulations to our Dorm of the Month! 

A look around Bucksnort

Baptisms in Bucksnort! 

Bingo Night!

Memorial Day Dinner

Bonfire to relax

The men getting a workout in!

Morning Devotional Group

Friday night Pizza Party

We would like to welcome George Vanzandbergen, as he moved from Program Coordinator in Erin to Chaplain in Bucksnort. Here are a few words from George...

"Everything about Erin has me looking back knowing that God has been with me and has never forsaken me. He's guided me and kept me, and had a work present within me. I have been a program coordinator for 10 years, but I had filled the seat of chaplain in Erin. I originally had no desire for that position due to the levity involved, but deep inside my heart I began to see the position of Chaplain as a calling in my life. When I was offered the Chaplain position in Bucksnort I visited the facility and from the moment I walked on property I have never looked back. I have an answer to addiction today and His name is Jesus Christ and as Bucksnort's new Chaplain my deepest desire is they know Him as I do . I will get in the trenches and fight this battle with them...for I know we can do all things through Christ.. Amen."

Getting the fence ready for stain and doing some sidewalk cleaning


Work Mode!

CPR Training

Partner of the Quarter - Mid TN Lumber

MID TN Lumber is a great partner to work with. They treat their employees like they are family. We have a great communication with MID TN and we look forward to keeping a strong partnership with them!

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Celebration Sunday - May

Congratulations to our graduates!

Staff of the Quarter - Michael Whitehorn

Mr. Whitehorn is our Head of Maintenance and has been a asset to the ministry. With his knowledge and work ethic he is a inspiration to our clients by keeping the facility's upkeep a top priority.

He has also been a big help with our upgrades here, starting with our new fire/sprinkler system and then to the construction of our new IOP building. 

Celebration Sunday - April

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month!

Congratulations to our Client of the Month!

Congratulations to our Client Volunteer of the Month!

Client of the Quarter

"Our Client of the Quarter came to us from prison and has been a model client from day one. He went to every class before he started work and when he was assigned a job he showed up and showed out. During his time here at Safe Harbor he has expressed to me that he was the head cook in prison and wanted to serve the ministry through his cooking. He enjoys putting a smile on the clients' faces and through God he found his passion. He has taken on a great responsibility as our new kitchen manager and I expect nothing but the best from him." - Chris Somerville, Director

Battle in the Saddle 2023

Our Ten Year Anniversary event is coming up for Battle in the Saddle! Mark your calendars for March 17 - 19, 2023 at the Agricenter Showplace Arena in Cordova, TN. 

Battle in the Saddle is our largest fundraiser for Safe Harbor each year and it would not be possible without the help of our sponsors. 

Thank you Mid TN Lumber for your generous support for BITS 2023! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please click the button below for a sponsorship form. 

We want to sponsor!