HAPPY Fourth of July

2nd Quarter News from Erin

2021 Statistics

Men Housed - 217

Men employed - 263

Child Support Paid - $41,315.79

Taxes Paid - $196,812.95

Court Costs Paid - $22,050.67


Men Housed - 70

Men Employed - 58

Graduates for the Quarter - 21

Baptisms for the Quarter - 9

Letter from the Director - Gary Kenney

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. I know that if you are, you are probably someone who is affected by the struggle of addiction or at least have a loved one or friend who needs help and care. If you are reading this letter as a result of searching for a place of recovery, Safe Harbor of Erin Tennessee welcomes your interest and is here to provide a safe and caring environment, where you can entrust yourself or loved ones.

This quarter Safe Harbor of Erin has gained our new Assistant Director, Mr. Jeffrey Roberson. Jeffrey has held various positions within the Safe Harbor organizations as well as a outside contact person for clients coming to us through our county court systems. So, Jeffrey brings with him, to Erin,  a host of skill sets and talent to our already outstanding staff.

Also, this quarter our Erin Facility has partnered with Professional Care Services of Covington, Tennessee. This is from their website:

About Professional Care Services

"Professional Care Services of West Tennessee, Inc. is an agency composed of caring and involved professionals who are trained to respond to the mental health needs of their community through assessment, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and support. Since the beginning, the primary purpose of the agency has been to provide services for the citizens of our communities. https://www.pcswtn.org/"

We are so pleased to be able to provide this service to our clients.

Let me close by sharing this last heartfelt thought. Experiencing true recovery is not just the place we go to for recovery, it is also the care and compassion of the people that provide that care. The Safe Harbor family welcomes your family and we endeavor to share with them the Love and Compassion God has given to all of us.


Pastor Gary T Kenney


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Thank you Houston County Sheriff, Kevin Sugg

Safe Harbor of Erin is proud to announce the addition of the HiSET Program with Workforce Essentials! We will offer Adult Education classes, help students receive their HiSET (GED). They also offer 180 soft skills. These are skills like typing and topping off at learning Excel.

Thank you to the Houston County Sheriff, Kevin Sugg, for getting this set up for our clients! It is so great to have such great Law Enforcement in Erin that cares about people!

Celebration Sunday - June

Congratulations to our Graduates!

A look around Erin

We want to thank Ms. Tabitha & Ms. Melissa for their generous donation of clothing and shoes to the men of Erin! We are so thankful for you!!

Memorial Day Weekend


We would like to congratulate and welcome Jeffrey Roberson as he moves into a new position at Safe Harbor of Erin as Assistant Director.

Here are a few words from Jeffrey...

"Those who know me best, know that it is a rarity indeed for me to find myself at a loss for words, but as I plan for my impending transfer to Erin next week, that is exactly where I find myself. Through God's grace I have been able to serve on the staff at Safe Harbor of Tipton County as the Reliable Coordinator alongside some of the most amazing men & women I have ever met, and though I am looking forward to beginning the next chapter of my life with the team at Erin, I will miss those at my current facility greatly.

Pastor Kenney is a prodigious Director and mentor, and it is an honor and a privilege to receive an opportunity to work with (and learn from) him as I move into the Assistant Director position.

Career and friendship find themselves synonymous among those here at Safe Harbor, and I consider it a blessing to continue the journey of reaching men and giving back what was so graciously given to me.

Catherine Hyde said, " If you can't pay it back, pay it forward." The opportunity offered here at Safe Harbor is just that. You cannot pay back what was given here. But, through your own service, you can pay it forward, and that is exactly what I plan to do."

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter Service at The Garden Church. They served breakfast to our guys.

We at Safe Harbor Erin are very grateful for their partnership with our ministry.

Safe Harbor Erin would like to thank Bumpus Church of Christ for the donation of 15 cans of Folders coffee and 15 12-packs of toilet paper our facility always has a need for these items.

Had the privilege to treat the guys at Magnum to lunch today! They are part of our Safe Harbor program and our guys are truly part of the Magnum team as well!!!

Erin upgrade moving ahead, These guys are doing a great job completing intake dorm and hallways!

Sunday night at Safe Harbor Erin Pastor Kenney gave a word from Romans 12:1. So brothers and sisters, because of God's mercies, I encourage you to present your bodies a living sacrifice that is holy and pleasing to God.

Partner of the Quarter - TN Bun Company

Tennessee Bun is a company that understands the mission of the Safe Harbor Erin Facility. They work hand in hand with our Reliable Coordinator to insure that our clients are properly placed and cared for at their job site.

Their line supervisors proactively communicate the needs of our clients on a weekly basis. Because of their efforts our clients and program are led to success. 

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Celebration Sunday - May

Congratulations to our graduates!

Staff of the Quarter - Chaplain Alfred Rossi

We are excited to present Chaplain Alfred Rossi as our Spotlight Staff Member of the Quarter! Chaplain Rossi came all the way out to us from California a little over two years ago after working in the field of Substance Abuse Disorder most of his career.       

Reaching the masses through the power of the Highest has always been a priority at Safe Harbor of Erin. Chaplain Rossi brings many years of wisdom and experience, combined with the love of Christ to our population every day. I have heard our clients say things like, "Chaplain Rossi really cares about us" and "He is always there to listen".  

Celebration Sunday - April

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Celebrating April Birthdays! Happy Birthday Guys!

Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month!

Congratulations to our Client of the Month!

Congratulations to our Dorm of the Month!

Client of the Quarter

"I have been in and out of jail for the last 12 years. Eighteen months ago I got out of jail and went to see my PO and failed a drug test and never went back. I was on the run from that day, 6/30/2021. I got locked back up at that point and I knew that I needed help. I sat in jail for 6 months. My attorney told me I was on my way back to the pen. I started praying more and in December of last year good came into my life. I tried going to Rehab in February. They turned me down, then on 3/17/22 I talked to Jeff and he told me to come on to the Harbor and my attorney worked it out for me and when I got here it was hard for me at first. I hung in there and it got better. It was hard for me to go to work because I didn't have a birth certificate, but I kept praying and it worked itself out. I got a good job at Crown Bakery and I really like it. It feels good to go to work everyday now. I have surrounded myself with good people, and people that have been recovering for a long time. I want to thank Safe Harbor." 

Battle in the Saddle 2023

Our Ten Year Anniversary event is coming up for Battle in the Saddle! Mark your calendars for March 17 - 19, 2023 at the Agricenter Showplace Arena in Cordova, TN. 

Battle in the Saddle is our largest fundraiser for Safe Harbor each year and it would not be possible without the help of our sponsors. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please click the button below for a sponsorship form. 

We want to be a Sponsor!