The end is in sight!!
Finally, some progress!
The UK Prime Minister announced on 22 February the 4 Step 'Road Map' to easing and lifting restrictions in England.

The 'Road Map' is a positive step forward and will be reviewed and updates given prior to each step forward. However, it is clear that a cautious approach must be taken, and when dance classes can restart (Step 2 and 3), we will still be 'Covid-Secure' with all relevant social distancing and safety measures in place as before. 
We know Boris said “data, not dates” but it’s hard not to feel at least a little bit excited about the world opening up again soon... Well, soonish!
If everything goes to plan and we must stress that these dates are 'NO EARLIER THAN' and only possible if data and government confirms. 

Dance Visions Studios are planning to and should be able to re-open:
1. For CHILDRENS’ CLASSES (Under 18’s) and PRIVATE LESSONS from Monday 19th April
Please note: We are seeking clarification on whether adult one to one private dance training can restart and will advise as soon as we have more information. Private Lessons in this instance applies to children under the age of 18.
2. For ADULT CLASSES (over 18’s) from Monday 17th May
This is really great news for all of our staff, teachers and other dance and exercise related activities and companies that operate from within our premises. But we hope it’s especially good news for all of you - our students and customers prepped at the starting blocks, ready and waiting for the signal to come back to face-to-face classes!
In fact, we’ve already had several great ideas for new content across all ages and can’t wait to get going and re-build and share all our exciting ideas with you going forward!
We will of course release more detailed information and update everyone as and when we get definitive confirmations from the government at the different steps of the 'Road Map'. 
Below are the images and EASY TO FOLLOW Government Guides on the 'Road Map' and then a short break down for you.
[we must emphasise that all dates are subject to change]
Step 1: From 8th March onwards:

 Schools and colleges are open for all students. Practical Higher Education Courses. Recreation or exercise outdoors with household or one other person. No household mixing indoors. Wraparound childcare. Stay at home. 
Step 2: From 12th April at the earliest: 

In-person dance classes for children and young people, under the age of 18. We aim to open the week after this and are still aiming to run our current online Live Zoom and pre-recorded classes for the Adults.
We are seeking clarification on whether adult one to one private dance training can restart and will advise as soon as we have more information.
Step 3: From 17th May at the earliest:

In-person dance classes for adults over 18 years will resume.
Step 4: From 21st June at the earliest: 

No limits on social contacts, larger events.
Thank you for your continued support!

Stay safe and well!
Speak soon! 
Beki Saunders (Creative Director) and the Dance Visions Team