September 8, 2020
We are launching our rebrand!

Dear Aldea Family,

When we decided to invest in a rebrand a year ago, we could not have imagined the state of our community today. From the COVID-19 pandemic, schooling and working from home, to heat waves and fires, it feels that we are under threat at all times. 
Amidst all this, we carried on with our brand work. Why? Because clarifying for our families, donors and partners exactly who we are and why our work matters benefits all of us. As the essential community partner for children and families in crisis, we are here and ready to support our neighbors through whatever this world can throw at us.
Aldea believes that, in these moments, the company of a trusted professional can mean the difference between strength and suffering. Every day, our expert staff walks with young people on their journey to healing, providing the care that brings both short term comfort and long-term resilience. Because with a community of support, they discover their own ability to create a new life, one moment at a time. 
While our outward look may have changed, our nearly 50 year legacy of innovation and commitment to the communities we serve has not. We stand refreshed and ready to work side by side with our donors, our partners, and the children and families that need us. And we welcome and invite you to join us.

In gratitude,
Kerry Ahearn, LCSW
Kerry Ahearn, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer

Administration Office
2310 First St.
P.O. BOX 841
Napa, CA 94559

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