June 7, 2018
Comfort Brand Debuts First Hotels With New Logo, Signaling Transformation To Guests
ROCKVILLE, Md., June 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Comfort brand is opening its first two hotels with the new logo, following the unveiling of the new brand image at the Choice Hotels annual convention in May. The Comfort Inn & Suites in Boise, Idaho, and the Comfort Suites in Wooster, Ohio, are the first new construction hotels to feature the logo, exemplifying the brand’s refreshed look and feel.
The Evolving Definition of Sexual Harassment
Part 1 of 3

The recent flurry of celebrities accused of sexual harassment and worse proves that cultural expectations and legal definitions of sexual harassment are changing. And in light of the number of sexual harassment claims to the EEOC, the problem is still widespread in the workplace.

For the past eight years, the EEOC reports an annual average of 12,513 sexual harassment claims with an average total annual monetary benefit of $42.7 million dollars paid out to victims. And the number of claims has not declined.

We will offer a series of pointers regarding sexual harassment in the workplace to guide employers in this difficult aspect of managing their employees.

A victim is not required to say stop.
Although a perpetrator's behaviors may be unwelcome, an employer should not require the victim to tell them to stop before you will take action on their complaint. Some victims may not feel comfortable telling the perpetrator to stop, especially if they are a supervisor. And saying no to a perpetrator could result in escalated harassment.

Technology has created more venues for harassment.
Prior to the advent of cell phones, texting, emails, social media, sexual harassment might only occur during the day at the workplace. With the advancement of new methods of communication, perpetrators can now engage in harassing behavior after hours on personal equipment and in a victim's private life, via social media, cell phones, emails, etc. This type of behavior still constitutes harassment. Your employees must understand that harassment after work hours is still a violation of company policy.

The definition for harassment is "severe or pervasive".
A single incident may still be considered harassment by the courts. It is not just a pattern of behavior for which an employer may be held liable.

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Travel Trends Index: Business Travel Thriving as Travel Expands for 100th Straight Month
Concerns remain over slide in U.S. share of global travel market

Travel to and within the U.S. grew 3.6 percent year-over-year in April, according to the U.S. Travel Association’s latest Travel Trends Index (TTI)—marking the industry’s 100th straight month of overall expansion. Though the raw numbers are in positive territory, the U.S. continues to trail other global travel heavyweights in capturing share of the booming international travel market.

The most noteworthy component of the April TTI was domestic business travel, which grew for a fourth consecutive month—the first four-month win streak for that segment since January-April 2015. Forward-looking bookings and searches for business travel appear to be on an upswing as well, leading to a strong business Leading Travel Index (LTI)—the forecasting portion of TTI.

“While travel overall is relatively healthy, particularly domestic business travel, the U.S. travel industry continues to register concern over a declining share of the global travel market,” said U.S. Travel Senior Vice President for Research David Huether. “Business confidence was soft earlier in the economic recovery, but now we’re seeing a resurgence that is attributable in part to the recent tax cuts and a more favorable regulatory environment.”

5 Must-Haves for Successful Hotel Social Media Content
by Carolyn Murphy of Revinate

Many hoteliers feel that social media has little impact on revenue. But when used correctly, social media is proven to drive more traffic to your hotel’s website.
In fact, social media is no longer a luxury. If you are a small hotel business looking to engage with guests and drive direct bookings, you need it.

In his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World, social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk shares the secrets of building relationships with customers on social media.

The book isn’t another marketing script that leaves you with a can-do feeling but no clear action plan. Vaynerchuk outlines a simple formula with practical advice that you can actually use.
Business is like boxing

Marketers' strategies should be like boxers in the ring, says Vaynerchuk. Wear down your opponents with light jabs until you find the perfect chance to deliver the knockout punch. In this case, go in for the sale.
But there’s one main difference for marketers: “Jab, jab, jab” means “Give, give, give.”
When someone encounters your brand for the first time, you want to give as much value as you can. Hold off before going in for the right hook by delivering a call-to-action (CTA).
Vaynerchuk says the perfect right hook consists of three characteristics:
  • The call-to-action is simple and easy to understand.
  • It’s crafted for mobile, as well as all digital services.
  • It respects the nuances of the social network on which you are distributing content.
This formula helps you lay your hotel’s foundation to build a trusting, more profitable relationship with each guest.

California Lodging Expo® and Conference
December 3, 2018
Crowne Plaza – Los Angeles – Commerce Casino

“Myths and Mayhem: Reinventing Service in a New Hospitality Climate”

Glenn Haussman , No Vacancy News & Podcast
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  7. Networking, Networking, Networking

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