Spotlight on Maui Teens

Maui teens are in our spotlight this quarter, particularly those from Lahaina and Upper Kula. Actually, our journey began last year after a number of Hawaiian youth reached out to us asking for help with mental health issues. That struck us as odd. We researched the matter and discovered several barriers in their way. Though known as one of the most peaceful and beautiful places on earth, many Hawaiian youth say they have a very different experience. Abuse, depression, financial stress and/or addictions are not uncommon. Maui has borne the brunt of these challenges since COVID hit in 2020. We made a bold decision to go to the island and offer assistance. That was June 29. The situation escalated on Aug. 8. An historic oceanside town now lays in ashes. Burn scars are evident on the way up to iconic Haleakala. Families are displaced and out of work. Many of those affected are tired, frustrated and scared. This is where you come in, especially those of you who know a little something about devastating wildfires. Emotional and mental health concerns, including PTSD and desperation, are setting in. Non-profit and social service agencies on the front lines - who we're here to help - have become weary with too few staff and inadequate technological and financial resources. We still have our mainland youth to consider, but we're asking for extra support to apply toward Maui teens who've been hit hard. They were at risk before and even more so now.

No One Left Behind

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