This annual competition is on stage April 11-14, 2018 and will be adjudicated by Catherine McNally.

From the producer: "Formerly the Sears Ontario Drama Festival, we believe the National Theatre School Festivals of Canada may be the largest and oldest youth festival in the world.

When Sears Canada sadly closed their doors, we actively sought new sponsors to save our Festival. National Theatre School of Canada and IATSE came to our rescue with generous donations for the 2018 season and a mission to keep the Festival alive and thriving.

Over the decades, students have learned the valuable lessons that it takes many parts to make a whole. To achieve excellence takes dedication, teamwork and organization as well as tremendous energy, enthusiasm and of course hard work. The rewards will pay off and leave you excited about your future and how you can make a difference in the world by touching even one person in the audience.

Students are eligible for a number of awards, bursaries and scholarships at the District, Regional and Provincial levels of the Festival."

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