Monthly NBGA Newsletter Title TBD
Welcome to the first edition of the monthly NBGA newsletter! The purpose of this first edition is to share the basic format and ideas that have been collected so far. Newsletter topics will always vary from month-to-month. Some will be news related, housekeeping items, membership updates, policy focused, etc. You can read more by clicking on the text that links to PDF documents, media sources, or the NBGA website. Should you ever wish to see a certain topic in the next month's newsletter, please shoot us an email and we'll be sure to include it. Please also begin brainstorming ideas for a newsletter name. We plan to discuss the other communications initiatives, the audience that this newsletter will reach, and potential ad sales at the next board meeting. As always, please reach out with any questions or feedback. See you in Jackson Hole!
USDA Trade Updates
NBGA Meets with Senior USDA Officials and Agriculture Committees

On May 30th, NBGA and other farm groups met with USDA Undersecretary Steve Censky to discuss equitable MFP payments.

NBGA Panel at Denver Craft Brewers Conference
The Craft Brewers Conference welcomed Scott Brown, Greg Kessel, Buzz Mattelin, Dave Tweet, and Blair Elias to share their expertise and discuss trends in the industry. To view this presentation and others, head to the Brewers Association seminar archive, here. (Not all presentations are available yet, but will be soon. Keep checking back!)
Homeland Security Update
The National Barley Growers Association has been asked by the Department of Homeland Security to inform all industry members about the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program. See these documents below and the DHS website for more information:

NBGA Amends Bylaws
Following multiple discussions, meetings, and conference calls, the NBGA Board of Directors voted to amend the bylaws. The amendments broaden Associate Membership requirements to include organizations and companies of limited resources and via reciprocal membership.

Welcome to our newest Associate Members!
The Guild's mission is to promote and sustain the tradition of craft malting in North America, provide services and resources to the Association's members, and uphold the highest quality and safety standards for Craft Maltsters.

Two Track Malting's goal is to help you differentiate your craft beer and spirits by using the highest quality malt and detailed information about where their malt comes from. You're making a craft product and their goal is to provide you with the best craft malt.
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