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January Newsletter, Happy New Year 
Happy 2018, we hope the new year is treating you all well. As what is now "the status quo" house prices are on the rise, just as they have been for what seem like an eternity.  Which is why in this newsletter we included a piece on real estate lawyers by the Toronto Star. We also go over ways to save energy, and ask for your help and opinion. We hope you enjoy.  
Tip of the Month: 6 Ways to Save on Heating and Cooling

With the frigid windy weather we've had this winter we received a lot of question about keeping the house warmer and more efficient. In this edition of the Tip of the Month we offer you 6 easy ways to keep your house more comfortable through all the seasons this great country has to offer.  
6 Ways to Save on Heating and Cooling
A Look at Real Estate Lawyers

It's nearly a month old now but with all the news outlets around it's nearly impossible to keep up with it all. And as Erik is less than a year away from moving into his condo... (so they tell us) he thought this might be an interesting piece to share for any of you looking to up size, down size or just move. This article, from The Toronto Star is full of tips, that will help you figure out the right question to ask a real estate lawyer and what you should expect fro them.

Property buyers should be aware of real estate lawyers' legal standards
Google Us!

As many of you know Erik has been working the technology side of My Go-2-Guy, trying to keep the website, newsletters, Facebook, and Homestars page up to date. You can now add the Yellow Pages and Google to that list. In saying that it would be greatly appreciated if you could spare a few moments of your time to write a review on or new google business page. Todo so please click the link below and an scroll to where it says "WRITE A REVIEW". Thank you.

Our new Google page
What's on Your Mind?

Believe it or not we've now done 24 of these newsletters and we thought it's about time we ask you, our loyal readers and customers what you'd like to know. Weather it be a DIY repair, a cleaning tip, what to look for when shopping for a house, Whatever it is reply to this newsletter with your suggestion and we will try and find a spot to fit it in over the next few month.