New Beginnings and Resolutions
The start of a new year is an opportunity to look to the future and set new goals. It is also the time to allow ourselves to look back at what we have accomplished. In doing that, we were inspired by the support and trust of our community. We will continue to grow and expand our programs to connect communities and welcome newcomers to Canada.

The Resolution Song

#Resolution2020 is a global climate action project with a song at its heart. A song of hope but also a call for action on the climate and environmental emergency. Our Nai Choir has joined the global voice singing to inspire communities to protect the future of our planet.

Empowering Seniors

Through conversation sessions they improve their language skills for better communication in English, and receive useful information that aims to promote their inclusion and participation in the community.

We're Here to Listen

The Newcomer Mental Health Program is here to help newcomers connect to their new environment, find a support system, recognize feelings of isolation and develop some stability and coping mechanisms.
Partner Spotlight: Cycle Toronto
Our services include a focus on health and recreation. We encourage participants to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, enhancing skills that promote self-sufficiency. Since 2009, our services have been enriched by our partnership with Cycle Toronto, the member-based organization that is a vibrant voice for cycling and safe streets Together, we developed the Bike to School Project, The Toronto Cyclists Handbook, and The Toronto Cycling Handbook: Family Edition.

The Bike to School Project has worked with educators to provide bike programs at schools in the TDSB. Students participate in bike rodeos, road safety workshops, riding skills workshops, and more.

The Toronto Cyclist’s Handbook provides simple tips to get people riding safely. During 2019’s Bike to School Week we launched The Toronto Cycling Handbook: Family Edition with tips on how to enjoy riding with your family from pregnancy up until the teenage years. Handbooks available here:

Cycle Toronto's goal is to make cycling education accessible for everyone, from children to adults. They launched their Street Smarts campaign last December, raising $22,500 to make more high quality cycling education available 2020. You can still help them reach their $25K goal: click the Donate button bellow and under "Fund", select " 2 - Cycling Program - Street Smarts Educational Activities".

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