Our tools are one of a kind. And when it comes to abrasive cutting, like the Smart Indexer, our Jack Track is second to none.

The Jack Track Cutting System has been titled by our customers and competitors alike as the "best cutting system in the industry". Our unique polymer track allows for precision adjustment to the point of cut, and our touch-screen tablet control option offers real-time digital feedback, speed recall, Data Summary Reports, and much more!

If you are not familiar with our cutting equipment, check out the video below to become acquainted. 

Not only is our cutting system the go-to for precision cutting, but it is the SAFEST.


And here is why:

1.) Our touch-screen tablet control option offers w ireless control via Bluetooth to eliminate hoses and cables, providing a flexible and safe operating distance from the cut being made. This also eliminates "slips, trips, and falls" hazards.

2.) Our Safety Dead-man switch ensures that the operator keeps the tablet control in his hand at all time. Once engaged by the operator's thumb, the Safety Dead-man switch then functions as an Emergency Stop; all functions of the tool cease instantly once the thumb is released from the tablet.

3.) Our Gravity Sensor embedded in this Wireless Jack Track detects if the track has detached from a faulty surface or if the bug has been driven off the track, and turns off the high pressure water before the operator is harmed by the abrasive blast.

Our Jack Track is the ONLY system on the market to provide these safety features. See for yourself in the video below!

With the combination of Common Sense and Technology, we pride ourselves in providing the safest, most user-friendly, and most productive cutting system to make you #1 on the job! Because after all, no one wants to come in 2nd.

For more information on our Cutting System, click here or here.