COVID19 has really affected us here in North America, but we often need to reminded that it has affected the entire world. We are doing our best to help internationally at this time - thank you for partnering with us!

This is so cool! In December 2013, a sponsor named Melanie rode on the back of a motorcycle carrying a goat to give to a single mother with 5 children who lived in a mud hut in rural Rwanda who had nothing.
We JUST received an update from that family! And guess what! That same goat is alive and well, is reproducing and helping this family! What an amazing gift that was given 7 years ago!
The family is very involved with serving at the local feeding program. Jacqueline says "Thanks to God for His mercy and provision!" [Read Melanie's point of view here.]

Melanie delivering the goat in 2013
7 years later, Jacqueline and her goat!
Dunk tank fundraiser was a success!
Thank you to all who participated in the dunk tank fundraiser in Red Deer! Thank you to both the dunkers and the dunkees! The day was cool and the water was cold! We raised over $3000 that will mostly go toward feeding malnourished children at the feeding programs in Africa.

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New Project!
The refugee camp in Northern Congo is desperate for help! The starvation and malnutrition is unbearable! See more... (Discretion is advised)

$1 can give hope to a child by giving them their next meal
Would you give a child their next meal?

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one" - Mother Teresa

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