The golden time before my sabbatical year

In the heart of the silence of the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, it is wonderful to prepare for my upcoming teacher training courses.

Here I find time to explore and experience new things, to be inspired again by taking classes as a student with different yoga teachers, absorbing fresh ideas which I can incorporate into my own classes.

Often students ask me why after all these years of experience in the yoga profession I still have to continue my own training. But that is exactly what interests me so much. Everything changes constantly and, as a yoga teacher, I want to continue developing. Even after 30 years I am still fascinated by the versatility and mystery of yoga. Learning never gets boring if there is an open mind and a curious body, along with the necessary passion and relaxed willpower to embark on this inner journey.

After having been teaching for 20 years in the Costa Chica in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, I realized that it is time for me to take a break. So from November 2020 until November 2021 I’ll take a sabbatical in which I'll let life unfold as it presents itself and in which there is room for dreams.

And that's why I want double my effort in sharing my knowledge of Restorative Alignment during the upcoming season, to grow and discover new horizons together.

Apart from two 4-week RYT200 teacher training courses at San Agustinillo Beach I’ll be teaching three modular 200-hours courses in other parts of Mexico.

Starting towards the end of November we planned four 5-day yoga vacations in 2019 and at the start of 2020 there will be three 5-day holiday specials which I'll be teaching together with Sharon Abbondanza and Roberto Astorga.

After closing the season in Mexico with an Easter retreat I'll cross the Atlantic Ocean to teach three 100-hours courses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Greece during the spring and summer. Then in November I'll cross the ocean again to teach an 100-hours training in Argentina. That's when my season closes.

The wonderful thing for me is that during these courses we’ll become family; we’ll share many experiences on as well as off the mat, a great atmosphere and lots of fun!

I wish you a great summer and I'd love to see you here on the beach :-)

Do you need a break?
Charge your solar batteries during a 5-day yoga vacation!
Enjoy the beach, great food, inspiring company and awesome yoga practice :-)

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modular RYT200 yoga teacher training 2019-2020-2021
Do you want to become certified but only have weekends available?
From September 2019 I'll be teaching 3 modular RYT200 trainings:

  1. Espacio Tuyo, Metepec (Toluca), Mexico
  2. IM Yoga, Mexico City, Mexico
  3. Akasha Yoga, Querétaro, Mexico
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